Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Cooking Marathon Experience at SM HyperMarket at the SM Mall of Asia

I really love cooking but I think the chef in me does not have the courage yet to make her own .. Why? Because I am able to discover that you can cook like a chef just by following the recipe in it. Sometimes when the ingredients in the recipe were not in my cupboards, I try to substitute it with an ingredient on hand.  So when I found out that there will be a cooking marathon at SM Mall of Asia HyperMarket ,I didn’t have to think twice! With only an hour and a half to dress up and travel from Cubao to Pasay, I know I have to be there!

I successfully arrived 10 minutes before its starting time (the cooking marathon is scheduled to start 3:00pm till 5:00pm.) with constantly looking on my watch for I don’t want to miss the entire cooking marathon!

Luckily I was able to take a picture of the chef for the day before it was supposed to start. I even heard an attendee said ,“Buti ka pa nkapagpa-picture ka na sa chef agad!” (Good for you! You were able to take a picture of the chef!”). I laughed ! Why? Because these attendees were so excited about the dishes to be cooked but also excited for another reason because the Chef was cute.

SM HYPERMARKET together with Clara Ole held its first cooking marathon for its 3-month long run. For its first run, Chef DeeJay D. Santos III. Chef DeeJay is a graduate of Center for Culinary Arts Manila and has worked locally and abroad. He also did some time teaching in a local culinary school and does cooking demos for several years in different companies. 

When I arrived there's few seats left and still alot of people are signing up.
It on;y means that a lot of people are into cooking.

Chef DeeJay as he readily posed at his turf!
Atop also is Clara Ole' line of pasta sauces : Chessy Pesto, Chunky Tomato in Three Cheese, Chunky Tomato with Basil, and Kung Pao Sauce.

Before the cooking marathon started, an intermission number was rendered by one of the talented cashiers of SM HyperMarket Mall of Asia Branch. 

It's good to hear that not only these cashiers are trustworthy but are very talented when it comes to singing.

The attendees were able to taste the 3 dishes as well. We could see here that they all enjoyed as much as I did.

 Even the attendees were so active in participating in the question and answer, where in they were also able to win items from Clara Ole' like the one I got ...see next picture...

I got this goody bag from Clara Ole' for actively participating in their question and answer game !

 This is what chef Dee-Jay has cooked for his first dish.

This first dish is so easy to make. What I love here on the first part of the cooking marathon, Chef Dee Jay was demonstrating how to cook the dish with ease. He always did in all of the cooking demos I have attended wherein he was the chef too.

 Rice with Clara Ole' OraMixMo rice mix

 And for the final dish...
Suprema Mitili

 SM MASTER CHEFS Kitchen Make Over for details on how to join CLICK THIS
This is your chance to have your kitchens re-design and have a new look!

First let me share with the recipe of SUPREMA MITILI

What you need: 

*500g  Spaghetti                                         *1/2 cup Thyme
*1/4 cup Extra virgin Olive oil                      * 2 packs of Clara Ole' Chunky Tomato with Basil 225g
*6 tbsps Garlic, sliced                                  *2 tbsps Parmesan Cheese
*1/2 cup onions, chopped                            * Salt and pepper to taste
*400g Mussels, washed
*1/4 cup white wine

How to cook:
  1. Cook pasta according to package directions. Saute' garlic and onions in olive oil.
  2. Add in mussels, wine and thyme and cook until mussels open .
  3. Stir in Clara Ole' Chunky Tomato with Basil and simmer for 2minutes. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Toss in pasta. Pour into serving dish and top with Parmesan cheese. Serve while hot.
This dish is so easy to make. All the ingredients are readily available at all SM HYPERMARKET. What's good with SM HYPERMARKET Mall of Asia Branch is that it is located at the opening of the mall. The supermarket itself is large enough to find all the ingredients you need. No need to go to the wet market because they already have one inside. So even on weekends you can shop for the ingredients and readily do this recipe at home.

I wanna to thank Ms. Rowena Riego, Store Manager for SM HYPERMARKET Mall of Asia branch and her team for a very successful cooking marathon.

Special thanks to Chef Dee Jay Santos for sharing a lot of tips and the host brand brand for that day,
Clara Ole' for making all the pasta dishes sumptious that day!

I sure had fun and learn a lot about cooking that day! Hope you can catch one of their cooking marathons these days... for schedule you may click this link

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