Saturday, July 30, 2011

Retail Business Afficionados: Get Ready For the 20th NRCE Ready to Take it To the Next level!!!

Ever since I was a kid , the business-minded person in me has never left me. Until now that I am married and have kids of my own and has a husband as the major earner in the family,I still dream of having my own business. Up to now I am still in awe for those noted for their success in their respective businesses.

And now I'm glad that some of my questions regarding the retail business will be answered by the upcoming 20th National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Conference Expo on August 11 to 12, 2011 at SMX Convention Center.And I will also have the chance to hear JOSEPH BALADI, as the main guest resource speaker for the expo. Mr. Joseph Baladi was tagged as the "Asia Brand Guru" as he tackles the paradox of the Asia Brand and author of " The Brutal Truth about Branding".

I am so excited to attend this event since it will be inspiring on the side how innovations and concept behind this businesses has gone up to success.  Well I am giving you an early update on what to expect on this 2-day event.

On Day 1
To kick-off this momentous event President for Ayala land Inc., Mr. Antonio Aquino will be the first keynote speaker. Mang Inasal genius will also be there to share Mang Inasal's success story. While Executive Director for My Shelter Foundation will be there to discuss "The Business of Social Responsibility: How Doing good boosts your Competitive Edge".

So if you are all interested please click here for details .

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