Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Complex Lifestyle Store is on sale!

Complex Lifestyle Store is now on SALE! From August 29- September 4, 2011, Complex Lifestyle Store will be having a sale. Some of their of their lie the ECKO Shirts will be on Buy 1 Take 1 too!

ECKO shirts!!!

Wait there's more ! You may spot some ZOO York shoes too on sale! So what are you guys waiting for ? Complex Lifestyle Store is located at 2nd flr.of Eastwood Mall!!!

For more infos, just like their FB Page here !

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

AZKALS STARS PHIL and James Younghusband shares football tips for Football Wannabes

 Brothers Football and AZKAL Players Phil and James YoungHusband with kids during the clinic

Does your child want to play football?
Does he or she dream of playing for the Philippine National Football Team too one day? The spectacular run of the Philippine Azkals in the international football scene has greatly inspired Filipinos, young and old alike.
Now, more and more young kids want to play the game like their football idols. In fact two very prominent national football players, the Younghusband Brothers, have opened up their own The Younghusband Football Academy. They want to promote football at the grassroots level and give everyone a chance to play The Beautiful Game that is the Number 1 sport in the world. Indeed, a lot of people think that Filipinos will be better football players than basketball players because the sport doesn’t have a height requirement.
But football like other physically demanding sports is a high-speed and high-impact game. So, the possibility of young players getting a cut or an injury is quite high. Young football players should make sure they have made all the right preparations and have all the things they need to protect themselves in case they get hurt. Here are some football tips that brothers Phil and James would want to share with young football wannabes:
  1. Always warm up. This is a must for pre-game preparation to stretch the muscles and make them ready for action. Warm-ups increase proper blood flow to the muscles and  help prevent sport-related injury.
  2. Stretch. Hamstring strain is the most common injury in football so make sure to stretch all major muscle groups in your legs, shoulders and back.
  3. Hydrate. Players lose so much body fluid through sweat so it is important to be properly hydrated before going to the game to avoid cramps. Always have a sports drink on hand so you don’t lose electrolytes when you sweat.
  4. Eat nutritious meals. Athletes achieve peak performance if they have optimum nutrition. Carbo-load before a game to increase endurance. Load up on proteins to help repair and rebuild broken muscles and tissues.
  5. Wear protective gear. You’re never too young to wear ankle or knee braces, shin guards and other supports which will help prevent football-related injuries.
  6. Cool down. Give your all during the game but after you play, don’t forget to cool down. Cooling down after a rough training session or game is important to reduce the level of adrenaline in the blood. This allows the heart to return to its normal rate.
  7. Keep first-aid supplies handy. Moms should always have first aid kits handy at all games and practices. First-aid bandages and antiseptics must be on hand to make sure the cut or wound can be immediately treated. The wounded area can be cleaned with mild soap and water or an antiseptic wash to remove any dirt particles and to minimize the risk of infection.  Depending on the type or severity of the wound, it is important to cover the area with skin strips or bandage tapes to keep it free from germs and to reduce scarring.

 It is always important to have first-aid kits and attention are readily available during sports activities

Nexcare™ by 3M has a wide range of first aid products that provide superior protection for wounded skin. Young footballers will love the waterproof and colorful bandages that are so much fun to wear but work seriously to aid healing. Nexcare™ heavy duty bandages that come in Tattoo designs, bright colors, Disney characters or camouflage provide protection against water, germs and dirt. The bandages’breathable material allows the skin to breath and are available in various shapes, sizes and designs that kids of all ages will love.
Nexcare™ has partnered with The Younghusband Football Academy as its first-aid provider.
For more information about first-aid, fun but hard-working bandages and the care of wounds and injuries, visit

Pump UP! Your Fridays at TEATRINO'S GOT FRIDAYS!

 Are you tired of your everyday routine like, work-home-work -home? Or you're just plain bummed-up?

Well bummed-no-nore because TEATRINO'S Greenhills has alot in-store for us all FRIDAYS from September to November 2011.

One of the most notable stage directors in the country, Director Freddie Santos, was the one who conceptualized and directed this powerhouse-musical sets entitled,"Got FRIDAYS@TEATRINO.

This project which was supported by Music Museum Inc. and Teatrino Greenhills will showcase "young ,up & coming artists" who have already been launched or have had their first albums released. This project aims to bring the talents included to the next level in the music scene.

This project would have not been possible with the collaborative efforts of the different artist management houses.

Here are the various young and talented music artists that I'm sure you wouldn't dare missing once you hear them perform.

  • Laarni Lozada

This captivating Diva is the grand winner of "Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2". This star says that one of her biggest sacrifices upon pursuing her career is giving her |"lovelife" a backseat first. I am totally in awe when i heard her perform and belt those high notes in her songs. I hope everyone has a chance to see her perform before tickets for her show runs out. Believe me, you'll get your money's worth!

  • Markki Stroem with Jaco Benin
  • Isabella, Kevin Cisco,and Robin Nievera
  • Nicole and Carlo David
 This Brother-Sister tandem will prove to you that they are not just their famous Father "Mon David" but they also have talent with them with it comes to music.
From L-R: Yssa Alvarez, Marvin Ong, Sabrina Orial, and Davey Langit

  • JAMMISTAS (Yssa Alvarez, Sabrina, Davey Langit, Noelle Cassandra and Marvin Ong)
 Yssa Alvarez
  -Dubbed as the "Young Lady of Acoustic Pop". She is the lovely daughter of former Pba cager Paul Alvarez and Almira Muhlach, who also hails from a family of showbiz stars. 
Marvin Ong
  - he is actually been tagged as the "Next" Ogie Alcasid because of his song-writing prowess and singing talent as well. I am also impressed with his musicality upon hearing him perform.

Sabrina Orial
  -She's "Asia's Favorite Acoustic Pop artist". has been mentored by Director Freddie Santos as well.

Davey Langit
- I remember him from his Pinoy Dream Academy" days where he first started. This young evolved into a telnted singer and song-writer with an exceptional skils on guitar and ukelele!

Noelle Cassandra
 - Apparently this 5th member is in the States during the presscon so I am looking forward on seeing her perform onstage because from what I've learned she is "Asia's only Singer-Harpist as well.
  • 3AM (Mica Caldito, James Torres,and Kyle Amor)
I heard their first performance as a group was at Music Uplate Live!
  • Krissy and Ericka
  • And male performances by Kris Lawrence, Vincent Bueno and Gian Magdangal.
Not only we'll be entertained to a "full 3-hour" musical ingenuity but also a fun menu will be available like casual, funky food like popcorn , onion rings ,and barbeque with light drinks at a very affordable prices.

I know you won't resist all fridays at TEATRINO for tickets are only P500 each. It's good way to welcome all of your upcoming FRIDAYS and bring family and friends to these musical extravaganza.

So wait no more! Reserve your tickets by calling Teatrino at this number 7228310 loc.116 before you run out of seats.

An Awesome Hair Day at Hecktor Salon !!!

Have u ever experienced that you feel the need to change the way your hair looks but afraid to do so? Puzzling right? Like for me, I really like my hair long. For those who really knew me, I'm fat! Yes! I'm proud to say I'm fat but I believe you can do something to really not look like you're really fat. Like you can wear clothes that are more of your body-size. Wait, wait.. I'm not here to blog about tips but let me share you the story behind my not so "new-hair-style". 

I realized just two weeks ago that my hair had grown longer. Well, I'm a fan of girls with long hair. I like Anne Curtis' hair with hair bangs as well. Lately, I like my hair with my bangs on. I don't care if some people do tease me that I looked like "Dora the Explorer" and things like that. All I could say is , this is my hair and I'm the one to decide on how my hair should look like.
So to make the story short, I decided to visit a new salon. Sometimes it's a nice thought that maybe meeting new people could do wonders. And that's what it happened.  Meeting new people equals new hair cut.

Hecktor Salon

For a Salon facility like this,all customers would be interested to visit anytime to 
have their own" Salon Day"

Wow I,next toMs. Lea Salonga and,  I really need a new haircut.

                                         And the journey begins...And I know I'm in expert hands

This is Bunny  Malunda
She is a former Pinoy Dream Academy dreamer and she too has hair done here at HECKTOR SALON

Tada , new hair cut.
Thank you HECKTOR SALON, I really love how you cut and made new textures for my hair.

And Guess what ? you could actually have a STYLIST'S CUT for only P200 pesos! Not bAd, right.

I am planning to have new hair color done at Hecktor Salon next month because I trust his styling prowess.

For a brief background about the owner of this salon:

His real name is Victor "Hecktor" Baluyot. He is already in the business for 9 years. He has attended several seminar and trends and won several competitions like  HAIRASIA; 2nd runner for Mens cut in color category 2005 and Outstanding for Mens cut in color for Lady"s category 2010 and 2011,CHAMPION; Mens and Lady"s category 2003. He is also a former Top Senior Stylist at BenchFix Salon . And he also trained at the famous ELLE Academy in Malaysia.

So if you want to sport a new hairstyle or just want to be pampered with new services, please visit Hecktor's Salon at #27-B kamias Road, Quezon City just opposite Orange Place. They are open Mon-Sun. from 10am-9pm. You can also call them for appointment at tel#: 4979566.

For more updates and infos about Hecktor Salon has a Fanpage on Facebook .

Lakwatsera Mom pushes Kariton Klassrum

Do you know Kuya Ef? Well, who wouldn't ? He was CNN's Hero of the Year Awardee and goes by the name Efren Penaflorida Jr. Kuya Ef is one of the founders of Dynamic Teen Company.

The group Dynamic Teen Company was formed to create youth awareness projects, talent and self-development activities and community services.
Their mission is to teach unschooled, labor-exploited and neglected street children.

Last weekend, I was privileged to have met the group and their founder Kuya Ef. That day is one of those unusual Saturdays of my life. I have to wake up at 5am and be at the meeting place by 6am. And thank God! I was there a minute before we have to leave. Our destination is at Cavite. Though I only have 2 hours sleep, I think the excitement is much stronger than my urge to just sleep that day.

My Cavite trip provided me with a couple of "firsts" as an experience.

  • This was my first time to immerse and help assist the volunteers in teaching the street children.
  • It was my first to push a "Kariton" (push cart in English.) a few kilometers away.

Dynamic Teen Company has 4 "karitons" but during our visit , they had only 3 " karitons" operational.

Joining the trip made me see ( with eyes-wide open) the real situation our fellow " kababayans" are facing now . I have seen many faces of hunger and poverty but this one is different. I have seen these situation in a positive outlook. I mean I still believe that there are still solutions on the problems we Filipinos are currently facing if we can just practice "volunteerism" and advocate on  how we can truly help our poverty-stricken "kababayans".

On our way home, This made me believe that education is a big problem in our country but there's no problem in this world that can't be solve if only we stand up and help in advocacy like these. There's still hope.

I am so proud to be part of something that made it worth my time and effort and with that I am sharing with with you all the pictures taken at the activity.

It was me with the push cart. We have actually push these carts from the site to its home KARBIL (Kariton bldg.) w/c is a few kilometers away from the barangay we went to.

 These are some of the kids with the first "kariton".

Imagine these kids are not able to go to school but huge thanks to Dynamic Teen Company, now some of them won't be ignorant at all.

This volunteer teaches the kids some eye-object coordination and tries to see if the kids can do it as well.

Of course the kids can do it! Almost all of them are willing to participate in the activity.

Of course no activity won't start w/out actually asking first for God's grace.

What kids are holding here is a "chip". These chips are given to all students who actually have listened to the lesson, participated and behaved. These chips are actually exchange for food after the lesson.

Kids lining-up to get there food.

Some of the bloggers, volunteers and kids with Kuya Ef!

This was me and Kuya EF! Thank you Kuya Ef for getting-up for what you believe in and for advocating for education and the community.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Frenzy's UFLAIR Goes Round 2 with Success!

Frenzy Condoms together with,GSM BLUE, ICON Ultimate Club and Dolce SuperClub recently started the eliminations for FRENZY'S UFLAIR Contest.

The first  round of Eliminations were held at CLUB PHI last August10, 2011 and now the last round before the finals were held at EIVISSA Timog, where a dozen of BSHRM majors tried their luck in Flair-tending cocktail mixing skills.

Every eliminations, a contestant gets to vie for the The Most Popular Award whenever the guests/attendees buys Frenzy Condoms. A purchase enables them to vote for their favorite contestant. The winner will get P10,000 cash. Top 4 winners in each elimination will get the chance to vie for the Grand finals on Sept.7, 2011. So all in all there will be 12 contestant who will vie for the P20,00 grand prize. The runner-ups also will get trophies and cash prizes up to P15,000 cash.

And to really pick the best on the Grand Finals on Sept.07,2011, experts in Bartending and flairing will be there such as Philippe Bartholomi, Diogenes Jaurigue, Joseph Apostol, and Dennis Dungca.

Pictures below are some of the action and talents caught that night at CLUB PHI!

The 12 participants

JOHNCHRIS FORLOSO from National College of Business and the Arts,won

12 Delightful concoctions

The Frenzy UFLAIR 2nd Round of winners. From L-R: Arriane Santos, Bobby Jenrick Ponce, Samuel Alcantara Jr., and Dominique Palileo

For more updates for Frenzy UFLAIR Contest log on to and thru FACEBOOK 

I will keep you posted on my next blog about the the contestants video performances!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


It's always a good thought that food is so staple at every family gathering. But on second thought, who says that one has to have a family gathering just to have that "familial" feel? I have that particular thought in mind after being invited to have a taste of BANAPPLE sweet and "homey" offering.

Not far from the busy shopping district of Greenhills is BANAPPLE NorthEastSquare Greenhills. Upon entering my "fave" dining place is that familiar relaxing aura. Entering Banapple is like a refuge within a busy shopping district. Inside the resto, you will be greeted by the warm smiles and greetings of their staff. I felt so relaxed and comfortable upon having my seat. But then I have to wait for my 3 other Lunch buddies during that day. Having to wait is not a problem for me since there's a lot of books and magazines to entertain me ( not to mention all the cakes smiling at me my seat, whoa! had to fight my cravings!)

Well the "homey and sumptious" story starts from down here....


This chowder was ordered by friend. This soup is a great way to start any meal since it will help
your tummy to be ready for the main course.

BANAPPLE has 3 new entrees:


The flavors of meaty beef cubes and savory sausages come together in this aromatic stew. What made these meal more special is that it is glazed with buttered carrots.

Since I love trying out new things and food, I chose BANAPPLE BEEF and SAUSAGE STEW. At first look,this meal looks plain and a tummy filler for those who just want fill in their tummies. And at the end I was wrong. It became a favorite. The stew is just right when it comes to its saltiness. And for proof of its yumminess, I even ordered an extra rice, (Sorry diet is not priority at the moment!)


Crisp chicken fillet smothered in a creamy milk and mushroom gravy, topped with yummy bacon pieces and corn relish.


Fresh fillets of velvety Dory fish blanketed in herb crust and drizzled with warm honey thyme mustard sauce and glazed carrots. This meal will surely be a hit for those who are into healthy eating.


 Extra tender country ribs grilled in hickory smoke and glazed with their homemade hickory barbeque sauce with corn relish as well. This is one meal I actually would like to come back for at Banapple.


I actually ordered this salad since I AM A SALAD ADDICT! Luckily this salad made me even crave for it.

This is an all-time favorite salad made more scrumptious w/ pecan praline bits.

Mixed greens with corn, cucumber and bell pepper bits, crumbled banana chips, honey-peanuts and shredded mozarella drizzled with balsamic-caesar dressing.
For the DRINKS we ordered:

 I guarantee you guys, this smoothie is refreshing way to gulp down all those carbs after eating.

If you like your smoothie to be sweet and "chocolatey", this one hell of a smoothie!    
And for a heavenly finale'...tada...our dessert...

 A slice of this pie cost you P95 , but if you opt to share it with family or friends (whom I'm sure will be asking for more the way I did) you need the whole pie for only P760

APPLE CARAMEL CRUMBLE PIE (P100/slice, P720/whole)

And by the here are some of their cakes that you might to take home for your families...

At BANAPPLE NORTHEASTSQUARE , I was amazed at how alot of people are into BANAPPLE . Even if the place is in the residential-type of location that you actually might have second thoughts of dining. But hey this new branch is frequented by a lot of office peeps. 

I had fun during my first visit at BANAPPLE. And I'm definitely coming back because their BANOFFIE PIE is always on my dreams but for it's gonna be at BANAPPLE Katipunan near Blue Ridge because I'm one stone's throw away from it.
 Thank you BANAPPLE for that yummy treat I sure took home a lot of yummy stories about your cakes at home and my family can't wait to visit too!. Until now I can't get over your pies and cakes....PROMISE ! I'LL BE BACK!

BANAPPLE IS also on FACEBOOK so you visit and like their page too! Or visit their website for more infos!