Tuesday, August 30, 2011

AZKALS STARS PHIL and James Younghusband shares football tips for Football Wannabes

 Brothers Football and AZKAL Players Phil and James YoungHusband with kids during the clinic

Does your child want to play football?
Does he or she dream of playing for the Philippine National Football Team too one day? The spectacular run of the Philippine Azkals in the international football scene has greatly inspired Filipinos, young and old alike.
Now, more and more young kids want to play the game like their football idols. In fact two very prominent national football players, the Younghusband Brothers, have opened up their own The Younghusband Football Academy. They want to promote football at the grassroots level and give everyone a chance to play The Beautiful Game that is the Number 1 sport in the world. Indeed, a lot of people think that Filipinos will be better football players than basketball players because the sport doesn’t have a height requirement.
But football like other physically demanding sports is a high-speed and high-impact game. So, the possibility of young players getting a cut or an injury is quite high. Young football players should make sure they have made all the right preparations and have all the things they need to protect themselves in case they get hurt. Here are some football tips that brothers Phil and James would want to share with young football wannabes:
  1. Always warm up. This is a must for pre-game preparation to stretch the muscles and make them ready for action. Warm-ups increase proper blood flow to the muscles and  help prevent sport-related injury.
  2. Stretch. Hamstring strain is the most common injury in football so make sure to stretch all major muscle groups in your legs, shoulders and back.
  3. Hydrate. Players lose so much body fluid through sweat so it is important to be properly hydrated before going to the game to avoid cramps. Always have a sports drink on hand so you don’t lose electrolytes when you sweat.
  4. Eat nutritious meals. Athletes achieve peak performance if they have optimum nutrition. Carbo-load before a game to increase endurance. Load up on proteins to help repair and rebuild broken muscles and tissues.
  5. Wear protective gear. You’re never too young to wear ankle or knee braces, shin guards and other supports which will help prevent football-related injuries.
  6. Cool down. Give your all during the game but after you play, don’t forget to cool down. Cooling down after a rough training session or game is important to reduce the level of adrenaline in the blood. This allows the heart to return to its normal rate.
  7. Keep first-aid supplies handy. Moms should always have first aid kits handy at all games and practices. First-aid bandages and antiseptics must be on hand to make sure the cut or wound can be immediately treated. The wounded area can be cleaned with mild soap and water or an antiseptic wash to remove any dirt particles and to minimize the risk of infection.  Depending on the type or severity of the wound, it is important to cover the area with skin strips or bandage tapes to keep it free from germs and to reduce scarring.

 It is always important to have first-aid kits and attention are readily available during sports activities

Nexcare™ by 3M has a wide range of first aid products that provide superior protection for wounded skin. Young footballers will love the waterproof and colorful bandages that are so much fun to wear but work seriously to aid healing. Nexcare™ heavy duty bandages that come in Tattoo designs, bright colors, Disney characters or camouflage provide protection against water, germs and dirt. The bandages’breathable material allows the skin to breath and are available in various shapes, sizes and designs that kids of all ages will love.
Nexcare™ has partnered with The Younghusband Football Academy as its first-aid provider.
For more information about first-aid, fun but hard-working bandages and the care of wounds and injuries, visit www.nexcare.com.


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