Saturday, August 6, 2011

Basta Pinas Travel Portal launch: TRAVEL anyone???

With over 7000+ islands that the Philippines has, I wonder why most of our fellow "kababayans" chose to explore other countries. When here in our very own country, alot of  "virgin and untouched " places are present! If only I had the means to travel along with my family in tow, I would have done so. But as of now I am contented reading other people's travel wanders!

Just last March 2011, Bonamine in partnership with the Dept. of Tourism launch the " Basta Pinas" Travel advocacy to help encourage Filipinos to explore every corner of the country. And in line with that, just a few months after, Bonamine is back with its official "BASTA PINAS" Travel Web Portal. It is the newest one-stop-shop online site that contains and aggregates travel information thatw ill help travelers plan their next getaway or adventure. On the site, you can also read other people's stories and travel experiences they encountered along the way. Another exciting add-on on this site is the LIBRARY of EXPERIMENTS. On this particular part of the site , the reader may can have new and fresh ways of seeing their travel itineraries in a new perspective like taking a photo for every hundredth step, visiting old schools and etc.

At the launch they also invited 3 guest speakers to speak of their experiences related to travel:   Randy Urlanda, Panorama editor and author of Travel Philippines: A Guide to the Country’s Best Destinations; Joy Rojas, professional runner and the first woman to run across the Philippines; and Paolo Soler, known Filipino surfer and President of Philippine Surfing Academy.

From L-R: Randy Urlanda, Paulo Soler, Joy Rojas

How do you register to Basta Pinas Travel Web Portal and start enjoying its superb site. Read on....

First type on your browser this address and clcik the Register tab on the upper center part of the site. And the screen cap on the above is what it will look once you register. Fill in the form.

And once completed, you will read the message and you will just have to confirm your details once you receive an email from them. And so from them happy using the website!

Fellow blogger Enzo Luna is just as excited just like, he registered right through the event.

And this very successful wouldn't be possible with out the brains behind it. 
From L-R: Roz Noriega, J&J Assistant Brand Manager,Jerome Go, J&J Senior Brand Manager 
and Ms.Christine Baluyot J&J Brand Marketing Manager.

Successful as it is. Bonamine made sure that the media people invited will surely take photos of their future travels. They gave away 3 Lomography Cameras. And find out who won?

3 lucky bloggers won Lomography cameras each for answering a question right.
2nd from the left Jeman Villanueva, Janese Halabaso(yours truly), and Calvin Lo.
I was so happy with my 9-lense Lomo Camera that unknowingly and despite the heavy rains that I have to braved through I still went to launch. And true it rained us blessings!

I guess you would like to know more about the BASTA PINAS travel advocacy and meet new travel friends and share updates as well, you may like their FB Page here.

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