Saturday, August 6, 2011


Lately I've noticed that I am starting to age. With the pollution and unscrupulous eating I've had the past few weeks, I think it had made an effect to my skin. I've only had my first visit to a derma before but that doesn't mean I don't need to look out that for. As for my age I've only entered the 3-0 age just this year but I felt that I have to look out after skin. Trying to be beautiful is not a bad thought. For me, it is a positive thing to do. Being beautiful and trying to be means loving yourself despite of the negative things happening to you. And I want it that way...I want to be happy inside-out. So last Wednesday despite MRT train problems, I had to have my first FLAWLESS BODY and FACE Clinic visit.

And I am feeling so lucky because once I stepped on the train station, the trains are back to work! And second I came just in time for a lucky sale happening at Flawless !

Just buy and Flawless Skin Care kit and get a classic Facial. Choose from any of the skin care kits below:

Acne Control Kit
Age-Defying Kit

Oil Control Kit
Real GentleMan Kit

Flawless Whitening Kit

See?..It will fit anyone's budget. What else to look for? You have your facial done then you get to go home with a skin care kit especially fit for the skin type that you have. This promo will last all-month of August.

FLAWLESS FACE and BODY CLINIC in Megamall is located on the 5th Floor. 

Now just wanna share with you my Facial +oil control mask experience at Flawless.

Actually this is just my second visit to a skin care clinic and I find the staffs so nice that the dermatologist was nice enough to comfort me that the pricking part is tolerable. OMG! This is a first as I really don't allow pricking. So here goes....1,2,3
 I had to lie on of the neat and clean beds for my treatment. The room was so pink all over! Even the music playing induces me to sleep, "yawn"....
After the usual cleansing part, here comes the relaxing part on the eyes. Don't know what they actually call that clear gel they put on my eyes but it was a bit cold,maybe it was for the sagging eyes!
 They even put thermal heat on hands and massage it afterwards. A plus for a facial treatment. That's what customers needed now, a value for their money!

My facialist said that they had to laser my face to smoothen it after pricking.
That's what I look like after put seaweed mask on face. Seaweed mask is good for the face because it helps lessen the oiliness of the face.

And after the treatment, this what I look like. Of course I don't expect to look beautiful in an instant. But what matters is the happy feeling I got after that very relaxing Facial+ plus seaweed mask. It reflects on the aura that I'm contented and happy!

Thank you Dra. for being so accommodating during my visit. I'll be coming back soon to take that Body scrub service to take the dead skin away from my back.
Every month Flawless Face and Body Center has an awesome deal every month so be sure to keep updating by liking their Fb page here. You can also post your questions regarding any of the treatments that they have there.

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