Sunday, August 14, 2011

Watch This Battle how ADVIL LIQUIGEL won back against the PAIN MONSTERS

Just wanna share this video I came across with at a friend's blog. This video is "catchy" that is why I decided to share this video.

The story of the video started with the 4 ill-looking mascots/monsters. The monsters' names are Body Ache, Headache, Toothache, and Dysmenorrhea. These 4 monsters boasts spreading pain to everybody. Then came Mr. Tablet man, who presumed himself of the "hero" that will fight these 4 monsters of pain. But eventually as the skit goes on, Mr.Tablet man was defeated by the pain monsters though he has been here for years fighting pain. Mr.Tablet man's  powers were way too ordinary for the pain monsters.The pain monsters even told the spectators that they already had "leveled-up",making pain hard to combat. Then came the 3 acrobats who introduce themselves as "ADVIL LIQUI-FORCE". After their introducing themselves , the battle between the PAIN MONSTERS vs ADVIL LIQUIFORCE began. Upon watching, undeniably the PAIN MONSTERS are losers over the ADVIL LIQUIFORCE. Even though the 4 Pain Monsters regrouped to fight against Advil Liquiforce, they are no-match for the ADVIL LIQUIFORCE for ADVIL is fast in stopping the 4 pain monsters in targetting us because it is in Liquid-form through a gel. An it gets to the root of the pain thus making it stop the pain faster than any tablet. After the short skit, the mall-goers were given free samples of ADVIL LIQUIGEL to try how fast it can stop the pain we frequently experience from Headache, Toothache, Body ache, and Dysmenorrhea.

After watching this video, I decided to blog about this so I could share this with my readers and friends. Now that Advil Liquigel is here pain is just one pop in the mouth.

For more information about this video, you may click here for reference. Or you may also like them here through ADVIL LIQUIGEL FB fanpage. I also added other links for your reference  about ADVIL LQUIDGEL

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