Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ASCOF A Mom's Herbal Medicine Alternative to Cough

Last week is one hell for a week for me! I'm not saying that I'm complaining but when your child gets sick, a mom should bare many sleepless nights trying to be her child's "full-time" nurse. My son's recovering from a bad case of Tonsilitis and fever + AN AWFUL COUGH AS WELL! Well something arrived right at my doorstep! And made this mama sighed a relief! Eager to know what is it? Well, see it below!

Ascof Lagundi has cough remedy for all ages! Be it for your kiddos or parents and me as well. from my observation, more Moms are trying Herbal Options! So anyone here reading my post, I have a question here for you guys.

If your kids has a cough which do you choose? The Herbal or prescribed ordinary oral cough medicines? Pls. do try to answer by airing your comments in my comments section, thnks!

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