Thursday, September 15, 2011

Being Happy + My Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner

Lately I have been so busy attending to many chores inside and out of my house that I hardly have 8 hours sleep. Just some few weeks ago, after some event coverages , my long-time college friend called and invited me on a night -out. I just can't say no because I haven't seen this girl for ages and though I was a bit tired I know I just couldn't break her heart. We decided to go to Area 05 Morato and watch a benefit concert for a kid who's suffering from a heart problem. Proceeds of this concert will go to this kids's surgery expenses.

I actually have fun but I just couldn't hide the fact that my back is more than eager to touch my soft bed at home. So around  1am we decided to call it a night. Arriving at my house, I decided to take a photo with me and my kids.

That photo above is a spoiler. I never looked this dull and ugly in ages (and oily too!). I guess this really comes with age. But we can still accept the fact that we will all soon come to that phase wherein our skin ages. But what can we do? Of course, let's not forget that just like everything else that needs care, our body and skin also need our care and effort. Admittedly I have been neglecting my skin. With all the sleep deprivation that I have these past few months, the photo above just reflects that it's high time that I give it some time and care.

I remember months ago, I was able to attend a workshop about a certain brand of make-up and skincare. and I remembered that during that workshop I was able to buy some stuff from it.

This is the Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner. As per my experience, I tried to use this after I remove my make-up. I chose this Toner with Tea Tree since TEA TREE is known for it "antibacterial" and "antiseptic" properties. And after a few days of using this before I go to sleep, I notice that there has been change. Some of the "big" pore openings I had the pass few days before  had been minimized.

Let me share with you how do it before I sleep.

  • First wash your face with a mild soap.
We have choose the mild ones because some skin types are too sensitive. That not choosing them might only make our skin and face dry.

  • After cleansing the face, pat it dry .
  • Then get small dab of cotton and pour a generous amount of this toner on it.
  • Gently glide the cotton on the contours of your face then glide it down to the neck.

And there you go! Your skin is ready to have its rest as well! You'll get results but you just have to do it religiously and with the right product. There are a good number products in the market that are really good in terms of results.

For me it's important to give time and effort when it comes to our skin. It gives me positives energy when ever someone's complements me that " Hey! You have a nice skin! What product do you use?"

I'm not saying that you follow my tips because sometimes there are products that might work with me but not might work with yours. We should always take the time to read the product instructions before using it.

I am happy with how I look. Sometimes a positive outlook in life will also make you beautiful . What's important is that you know what's gonna make you happy and not depending on what's making other people happy!

Happy Friday everyone! Cheers!


  1. Wow, thanks for this tip. Body shop do have stuff that are good.. :)

  2. thank u @iamzennia, its nice that u do appreciate the tips!