Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chevy Sparks: The New Mini-Passenger Car!

Chevrolet Philippines-TCCI introduces 2 new CHEVY SPARKS Variant- the 1.0L 4-speed automatic transmission and the 5-speed manual transmission models. They are still the same stylish look and edgy appeal but is sure to make the same impact on the mini-passenger car segment.

What to expect from a CHEVROLET SPARKS as a mini-passenger car?
                     It is the only mini passenger car bulit on a global platform and sold in more than 76 countries worldwide.
                     It has a “dual-cockpit lay-out”.
                     Optimum-fuel Efficiency
-based on a 3rd-party agency test, the Spark was able to reach a maximum of 22km/l fuel consumption rate.

                     It has standard roof rails that provide additional cargo capability . It also has a sporty look because of its rear spoiler.

                     It has ample storage bins and cup-holders .
            -even on long drives, the user will be able to grab a drink or coffe too!

                     It has signature LED-lit instrument clusters showing fusion of functionality and modern design.

                     Standard-rear hatch wiper.

                     5-door hatch

                     Power-steering, with power-windows as well!

                     Electronic immobilizer

                     Standard “key-less” entry with anti-theft features.

With the above mentioned features who would not like to have his/her own CHEVY SPARK?. I already liked it myself. Oh how I wish (Just as thought ), with its powerhouse feature for a mini-passenger car, CHEVY SPARKS is pegged at an introductory price of P518,000for the 1 liter  manula variant. And aside from its affordability ,at also has a 5-yr. Warranty program. Chevy Sparks owners will have peace of mind that along with this car is invaluable security as well.

But wait, there's more! Just like Chevy Sparks on their FB Fanpage here for more updates .

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