Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting to know Bunny Malunda! : A Star with a Dream Come True!

New and musically talented artists are on the spring of their respective pursuits on becoming known in the music industry. And who would have thought that two years after her stint at “Pinoy Dream Academy” as a dreamer would we now here and see Bunny Malunda  with her very own album.

Despite the trials that she has to encounter most especially during the time that she had to undergo surgery for her vocal chords, still she paved way for her dreams. Now Bunny embraces each and every moment now that she has her very own album. With Bunny’s self-titled album, she combines personal strength with her grainy and hippie pop genres to reach out to her fans.

Behind this fab and talented artist is the producer of the album, Mr. Jaye Muller and Ben Patton. It was actually Jaye’s Filipina wife who actually first saw Bunny’s YouTube performance and eventually referred to his husband Jaye.

Mr. Jaye Muller is a Cebu-based producer and married to a Filipina. Upon her wife’s referral, he immediately searched and checked out Bunny’s YouTube video and he eventually liked it.
These two European/American Producers were also the one’s whi made 2 of KC Concepcion’s carrier single “ Not Like The Movies”, and “After the End”.

Jaye Muller also said that they did not have to “package” Bunny since she herself is what she actually is, “Born rockstar”  with her own real-life sexiness and attidude.

Among the songs in her album that I honestly think will leave a “nailing” mark in the music scene is her song “FYI” and “What I Meant” and my personal favorite “Mad Lover”.

The song “Mad Lover”, is a duet between her and real-life sweetheart Chivas Malunda (a former  PDA Dreamer as well.) This song is not your ordinary, cheesy love song. This is an upbeat song w/c talks about two lovers who are both wild and crazy in love.

Aside from singing, Bunny believes that she can also do more than singing. She also plans into entering a career in modeling and acting.

If you guys would like to catch Bunny on her mall tours , please like her on FACEBOOK!

“Bunny” self-titled album is officially manufactured and distributed by PolyEast Records.

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