Thursday, September 1, 2011

I love My New SPERRY'S!

Last night was a blast for me. Great Food ! Great Company ! And though it wasn't enough  already?  I really feel blessed and lucky ! Why? Because I just had my new SPERRY Boat Shoes courtesy of Complex Lifestyle Store! Yes, me and of the bloggers were invited for a dinner-cum-mini presscon for their latest shoes! We were totally clueless as to what this new shoe is ! So after dinner, we went to the store to get a peek of this new shoe that just came in last August 25, 2011. Just seeing these shoes made my eyes drool. Shoes have that special place in my heart aside from clothes!

So, wait no longer feast on it the way I did! SPERRY'S on PARADE....

This shoe is really a killer. It's so comfy and lightweight as well!


Right now I'm just too happy gaze at it, so on my next post I promise to make a detailed product info about it and how the quality ROCKS!

Many thanks to MS.KAREN, Sir JEFF and to the rest of COMPLEX LIFESTYLE STORE staff ! And by the way, don't forget to swing by COMPLEX LIFESTLYE STORE at EASTWOOD MALL coz' they have an in-store sale happening right now till Sept.4, 2011

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