Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Great Night Market Experience

Ever since I was a kid my mom would tag me along her shopping trips may it be to Divisoria, malls or even to “baratillos”. Baratillo is a coined term for “bazaar”.

And now that I’m all grown-up, I inherited that distinct love for bazaars. So when I got a chance to visit a bazaar. I didn’t think twice. FYI, this is not your ordinary bazaar. I am very excited because this  a “night market”. And for me this is a different experience since this will be my first to visit a night market.

This night market I was mentioning is the “The Great Night Market” at Venice Piazza at Mckinley Hills The Fort. This night market was organized by MARESVILLE EXHIBITS. Maresville exhibits has been in the business organizing exhibits, bazaars and tiangges for 26 years already. Behind its success is Mr. Dominador “Boy” Santos Jr.

Maresville Exhibits advocates in helping small business players w/ competitive products showcase their business.

        See pictures below! Photos below are my fave stall and exhibitors!

Pies and cakes by Chef Hasset Go

MY Shake at FRUITAS!

Bibimpop surely filled my stomach that night

Brazo de Mercezedes makes my stomach churn  for more!

My over all verdict for THE GREAT NIGHT MARKET is an 8. Though if was more privileged to have lived nearby maybe you will be seeing all day there because of the different foods that they offer and also the value for money that  you will be getting!

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