Friday, October 28, 2011

Magnolia in Partnership the Dept. of Education Launches its Healthy Drinks line to Schools

I have two sons , the youngest is in kindergarten while the eldest is in first grade. I don't give money as "baon" to my kids. I usually prepare their snacks for school to make sure that what they're eating and drinking is clean and nutritious.

So when I got invited to by San Miguel (beverages dept.) for their presscon, It got me curious. Upon kearning the invite that Magnolia fruit drinks is partnering with Dep-ed for their advocacy program that will run for an un- accounted period of time, I said to myself that I gottta hear and see what they are advocating. During the presscon , I was more than  happy and privileged that they are targetting public schools to be apart of their program. They said that in aid of Magnolia's partnership with Dept. Ed, Magnloia will be giving away books to kids all over the metro and near provinces
For his part, Magnolia Health Beverage’s top executive Bernard Marquez thanked the Department for the partnership.  “We’re glad to be part of the curriculum that promotes health and wellness among children in our school system as our way of giving back to the community.  There are a lot of advocacies and programs on healthy food choices,” he remarked.  “And we think it’s already time we also advocate healthy drink choices such as juices and teas that are rich in nutrients and minerals essential for a growing child because drink is as important as food.”

The “Healthy Drink Choices” project is part of Magnolia Healthy Beverages’ over all thrust of promoting a sound mind and healthy body among the youth.  Just recently, Magnolia also concluded the “Sayaw Barangay” dance competition as an alternative and productive activity among the “batang pinoy”.  The “Iba Ang Sigla” school caravan, meanwhile, is an on-going activity for some 160 public schools in Luzon, Cebu, and Davao.  The caravan uses interactive games, lectures and the Magnolia Fruitdrink and Healthtea mascots to promote the products’ nutritional value.

SMC launched its line of affordable and ready-to-drink Magnolia teas and juices to give children and health-conscious consumers in general with a nutritious alternative.  These products are packed with vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, and B9 and low in sugar.

Aside from Magnolia Fruitdrink and Healthtea, the company’s other non-alcoholic beverages include:  Magnolia Purewater, and Magnolia Lifedrink in Papaya and Four Seasons flavours.  Magnolia Lifedrink Four Seasons is loaded with Pycnogenol, a premium herbal supplement that result to healthier cells and stronger immune system.  Magnolia Lifedrink Papaya, meanwhile, contains glutathione, which helps the skin achieve a youthful, radiant glow.

Also present in the gathering were Magnolia Healthy Beverages’ Executive Assistant Jun Medrano, Sales Manager Manny Factor, Group Product Manager Cecille Caling, and Mary Lindbert International’s CEO Erlinda Legaspi, and Albert Rosal.

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