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Last Oct 17,2011 was marked as the World Bread Day  and to make it more remarkable here in the Philippines Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc (GBPI), makers of Gardenia bread which is known for its good taste, freshness, softness, oven-baked aroma and nutritional value, launch its "HAPPY BREAD DAY" together with the kids from Nayon ng Kabataan of the Dept. of Social Welfare and Development, celebrated and also in partnership with K.I.D.S ( Kabataan inyong Dapat Suportahan).

Gardenia celebrated "Happy Bread Day" to share the Philisophy behind why "World Bread Day" is celebrated. it is celebrated to teach us that the goodness of bread should be shared. 

Along with this momentous event, gardenia also launched "G-LOCK COLLAGE". It is a unique and creative idea conceptualized by Gardenia to expand it CSR (Corporate social responsibility) efforts in the community.

The G-LOCK COLLAGE will form a "collage" composed of of Gardenia's G-lock brad tags . the Collage will be equivalent to more than 3,000G-LOCK TAGS. One G-lock donated is equal to one bread loaf donated to to charities it supports. 

After the unveiling of this "G-LOCK COLLAGE", media and bloggers like me were able to tour the famous bread plant. And I was thankful to Gardenia for allowing me to bring my son along with me. My son had the chance to see the 6K Plant of Gardenia . And with the way I saw awe in his face I'm sure he's marveled at how all those breads were made in an hour only.

After that bread plant tour , now I'm sure that all the breads that are made by gardenia was "un-touched" by human hands. 

"Doing CSR is nothing new to us because we have been doing it for several years already. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed in doing our share of "paying it forward" and help enrich the lives of other people, especially kids, who rightfully deserve to enjoy the bounty of their youth and have fun. We hope that by continuing on with this unique CSR concept, we would be able to do our share in enriching theirs and other people's lives as well through nourishment courtesy of gardenia breads," explains Simplicio Umali Jr., President and General Manager of GBPI.

I know you guys wanted to see what happened that day, see more photos below:

 This is my youngest son Zeus Emmanuel and he wants to especially thank 
one super nice lady Ms.Irish may Santos for accommodating us!

This are the guest from DSWD and the people from K.I.D.S.

The program started with a doxology from the kids from K.I.D.S

Mr. Simplicion "Jun" Umali Jr.

The kids from the foundation got to be junior chefs of the day as we were all taught simple but tasty recipes out of Gradenia Bread products.

This Gardenia's resident nutritionist as she guides as on how to make
"Gardenia Classic Banana and Peanut Butter Roll.

This is the finished product : "Gardenia Classic Banana and Peanut Butter Roll" 

This is the "G-Lock" Collage where in all the g-locks donated will equal to one bread loave as well.

This is one happy kid that day, and he is with Gardee, the official mascot of gardenia Breads.

Thank you Sir Jun Umali Jr. for granting a photo with you!!!

Normally my son would just want one photo op but he is so happy to have finally meet Gardee that he readily posed with him. I'm proud he behaved that day with me .

These are the photos I got from our tour of Gardenia's 6K plant.
It was called the 6K plant because it can produce 6,000 loaves of bread in an hour .

loaves from the oven travel through this to be cooled at a given time.

Here all the products passed through high-tech automation and bagging and I am safe to say that all breads here are "untouched' by human hands.

I sure had fun but my son had it experienced twice as much. The tour was educational as well. So for those who plan to visit the Gardenia Bread Plant , don't forget to buy Gardenia Bread from their store so you also donate your G-locks to them so more less -privileged ones will be able to enjoy Gardenia's yummy goodness and nutritional value.
For more updates visit Gardenia's Fb page here.

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