Monday, October 3, 2011

The YAHOO! Purple Hunt 3.O Family Edition soon-to-open!!!

Last Oct. 3, 2011, Yahoo Philippines announced that due to the previous 2 installments of Yahoo! Purple Hunt, this time they are launching "YAHOO! PURPLE HUNT 3.0 FAMILY Edition". And this upcoming event will give its participants a chance to win a PRESIDIO condominium unit at LAKEFRONT from Camella Condo Homes as its GRAND PRIZE! Whoa! isn't that cool?!?

The four-week long adventure aims to bring the whole family together to explore the web, discover various YAHOO! Properties and spend qulaity time bonding. THis hunt is guided by three values: PLEDGE together,SURF together and PLAY Together.

It is also a fun experience that promotes responsible use of the internet by educating parents and their children about online safety and etiquette while standing a chance to win exciting prizes. Honestly upon learning about these exciting prizes, I got excited too! Who wouldn't ? By the way these are just some of the prizes that you and your family might take home ( see the list below)

  • GLOBE TATTOO broadband sticks
  • Flight tickets to Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu, Busuanga, Cagayan de Oro and Singapore courtesy of AIRPHIL EXPRESS. 
  • Mc Donald's Birthday packages 
  • My Phone Mobile phones
And your next question might be..... How do you guys join?

  1. Sign up for The Yahoo! Purple Hunt Family edition at 
  2. Register the rest of the family's existing Yahoo! Mail accounts and identify the role of each member, ex. father, son and etc.
  3. Nominate a parent/legal who will be the main player for the Purple Hunt game.
  4. Create a team name for your family.
  5. Pledge to Yahoo! Safely. Once the family makes the pledge, a mail will be sent to the primary player, ex. parent with a link to unluck the first task.

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