Thursday, December 1, 2011

Candy Corner Welcomes You to Imaginarium!!!

Have you ever wrote your dreams into a piece of paper? Or dared to fly even though you are not ? well here's your chance to do it all again.

How ? All you have to do is purchase Php 100 worth of candies or just purchase the ticket for Php50 and you're in! 
Starting Dec.1-4, 2011, Kids and kids at heart will be able to journey to The Wonka Imaginarium in partnership with our favorite candy store-The Candy Corner!

The Wonka Imaginarium is a four-day exhibit that puts the spotlight on Wonka candies, the Wonka Imaginarium allows everyone to bring their candy fantasies to life. Here, you’ll be able to walk into a magical forest with giant bugs and talking trees; enter a tunnel of lost wishes and forgotten dreams; fly and fall from the sky; and learn magic straight from a witch—all to find the rainbow: the dream that makes the happiest of all candies.

According to Candy Corner Philippines  President, Ricky Andres, The Wonka Imaginarium is the first of its kind in the Philippines, and we’re happy to be doing this in time for the holiday season, and more than just giving everyone a chance to get to know more about Wonka candies, our main goal is to give people of all ages a great avenue to feed their imagination and to find a different, unique activity for the whole family to share this Christmas.”

 Ricky Andres Candy Corner President.

It's all worth it! I'm sure you and your kids will be able share  and exchahange stories about Willy wonka's candies while having a tour at Willy Wonka Imaginarium. As an experience I have even told my kids that Nerds ( one of the candies offered at The Candy Corner) was my favorite too when I was a kid. 

My two kids gota chance to have their pictures taken 
at the The Willy Wonka Imaginarium.

So what are we all waiting for , Let's all troop to The Candy Corner at the Shangrila-Plaza Atrium and be able to enjoy and weave your  dreams together. Remember this is only from Dec.1-4, 2011.

By the way Candy Corner Philippines is the first outlet in the Philippines to combine traditional packaged and novelty sweets with the concept of having customers choose and combine their own selections of treats, Candy Corner has, over the years, consistently provided chocolates and candies to satisfy the local demand for international confectionery brands. Since its humble beginnings as a lone store in 1996, the company, over the years has expanded immensely, and currently has branches across the country.

More Photos of the The Willy Wonka Imaginarium.

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