Thursday, December 22, 2011

Enteng Ng Ina Mo! : Fantasy and Real-Life Merger Movie!

As we all know during the past Metro Manila Film Festival particularly last year, Ms. Ai Ai delas Alas won the Best Actress award and during her acceptance speech, She was quoted as saying that she wanted to do a movie with Bossing Vic (Vic Sotto) next year. Upon knowing this, Vic Sotto entertain the thought and sat down with Star Cinema (ABS-CBN'S Film outfit) and discuss it.

And now a year after, and tomorrow Dec.25, 2011, ENTENG NG INA will be shown in 100 theaters nationwide. During The ENTENG ng Ina Mo Presscon at Cravings, Katipunan, Bossing himself was so eager to spill everything about her upcoming blockbuster movie with Ai Ai.

I arrived early so to that I'll be seating with just opposite Bossing Vic. But I guess there were more people more excited me because all possible seats are taken but that didn't kept me from being excited to finally meet Bossing.This time with all bloggers present, I guess aside from me, they are also too eager to ask questions about the movie.

From the tons of questions we have and thank God Bossing Vic patiently answered it all. I guess the movie is all worth it to watch. With Bossing Vic's character as Enteng, a father and Ai Ai as Ina Montecillo who also happens to have a family, The movie is all about what the Family is all about. From the movie we can learn a lot of things like what does a father or mother can do fro his/her family to protect it ? Is your Family all worth the sacrifices? And watching the movie, we will all just realize that our families are ALL what we have.

 Movie trailer of "Enteng ng Ina Mo!"

 Bossing Vic also shared some things about his family like how excited he is for Oyo's upcoming baby, how proud he is with Vico (his son with Coney Reyes), who's planning to take up Law , and also with Danica (her eldest daughter with Dina Bonnevie) , who is successfully married to a basketball player. I guess he almost perfectly played the role of Enteneg because he, himself was successful in having like them.

The beauty of both "Enteng" and "Tanging Ina" series is the fact that both movies centralizes about the importance of family. So all moviegoers can easily relate to the story of the movies.

Oh and let me tell you, this is the first time that I will be watching a movie from the METRO MANILA FILM FEST  . I lardy told my two boys that we will be watching it on the first day, to avoid hearing comments from the movie goers who will watch on its first day.

By the way "Enteng ng Ina Mo" is produce by M-ZET FILMS , OCTO ARTS FILMS, APT ENTERTAINMENT and STAR CINEMA.

Troop to your favorite  movie house and be sure you are first from the lines because I am sure, it will all long lines because families will be seen watching this! Cinemas are already open as a early as 9am!

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