Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Lopez Museum and Library: Chabet and Reverb in exhibition.

Last December 16, 2011, I was able to visit The Lopez Memorial Museum & Library. If I could remember it right the last time I’ve visited a museum was when I was kid during our educational trip. And it was many years ago. I cannot say that I am a fan of museums but something in me instilled a different notion of it when we visited yesterday .

Yesterday we were lucky to have visited a different and “refreshing” kind of art installation at The Lopez Museum & Library.

The exhibit is all about “Chabet” and" Reverb". Who is Chabet, anyway ? (you may ask?) Chabet graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in 1961 where he took Architecture. Chabet's works ( as he have said) were "Creatures of the mind". He also played great influenced in making "conceptual art" be known till this day.

 Chabet’s art practice spans half a century already. For me, his works has a different impact on how you see and feel his works. His works are on exhibit to signify also his 50th anniversary as an artist. Chabet’s works mostly play around form which at first glance may mean nothing. But once you delve deeper and "play' it on your mind , you may say that it exercise what the mind can put art in form.

Reverb is a sound created after in an enclosed space causing a large number of echoes to build up and slowly decay as the sound is absorbed by the walls and air (according to my bestfriend Wikipedia). 

Both Reverb and Chabet's works compliment individually. So combining them in The Lopez Museum and Library is something to look forward for museum enthusiasts.

Nonetheless, here are some of the works of other artist as inspired by Roberto Chabet and his own works too!

 "The Orange Land" 
Robert Chabet 1961
Oil on Board (64.5x95cm)

This piece got Roberto Chabet an award. At first look, this art form is nothing but an abstract. Our guide helped us what the piece is all about. But for me it looked like it was made to look like it was top of houses, but since this is conceptual art. It still varies how one sees it.

Bell 2011
By Tad Ermitano.
Once inside its place (Gallery Six) , one has to stand inside this and feel the sound reverb from the inside.

The Boat

Sitting, Standing, Lying ,Walking

Pier and Ocean.

These are the works Pablo Biglang-Awa through Chabet D-I-Y Installation Projects.

These are conceptual art that made me look more than twice. And not knowing what it really is. It may look simple but beyond concept, it was given to life by the artist. Just like in the Pier and Ocean. Who would have thought that it was made to look the ocean and pier? Plywood and blue background? Conceptual art is ( for me ) really what you think it should look in solid form.

Evol Scisum, 2010
madeof broken recors, wood, record covers, asphalt speakers

The Machine
IC Jaucian (Model for Perpetual Energy)
Mixed Media
This piece made us stop for a while as we wait for the small metal ball as big a toy marble to glide down. Perfect! My kids would have love this if this is a toy!

Felix R. Hidalgo
Oil in Canvas.
One of the most famous artworks from Hidalgo. It was so famous that Spanish broadsheet even featured it a year after. Even the Spanish people lauded Hidalgo's works which symbolizes Propaganda, w/c was so apt during those times.

 TABO 2011
Roberto Chabet 
In Gallery 2 , there were tv sets scattered. All are playing. I counted 12 tv sets and after listening to our guide, I figured that it signified the 12 bridges that it crossed when they shot it from C5 to Roxas Blvd. Sounds from each tv  set differs from the other. Among the art installations I have seen her at the museum, this one made an impact on me. Looking around with my eyes closed, it felt the river was really beneath me. It was a spectacular feeling that with this kind of art around me, it made a lot of realizations. That things in any way or form can be seen as what the artist is trying to made it look like. Conceptual art varies from its creator/artist.

 A Collection of Rizal's letters.

My eyes grew wide when I saw this. A collection of Rizal's letters. I was in awe because all letters are neatly written and making a mental note that it came from a man's handwriting ( Jose Rizal). I am proud to say that I am a big fan of Rizal and been vocal that during my college years, Rizal (our subject) was of the subjects I love getting my butt glued to my seat. I enjoy listening stories about Rizal.

You may ask? What has been the outcome of my experience in the CHABET and REVERB exhibits? For one thing, it gave me a different experience. Being used to a chaotic environment and used to contemporary art (like paintings and etc..), this has made me internalize and see beyond the art works on exhibit. Conceptual art are truly "creatures of the mind" as Roberto Chabet once said.

Commendations goes out to The Lopez Museum and library for supporting these kind of exhibitions. These kind of artworks and artists deserves . It has been a therapeutic tour for me. I will definitely schedule a come back and this time I will bring with me my kids, so they will be able to appreciate art at an early stage.

And because my museum tour was such a therapeutic one for me , I took a lot of photos of the artworks there on exhibit and I posted them here.

For those who want to visit Chabet's exhibitions , Chabet's works are on exhibit already which started from Nov. 10, 2011 -April 14, 2012. 

The Lopez Museum and Library is located at Ground Floor, Benpres Bldg., Exchange Road cor. Meralco ave. Ortigas Center, Pasig City . You may visit their website here  and blogsite and email them at Like them as well on Facebook and twitter here.

Museum Hours:

Monday-Saturday (except on public holidays) 8am-5pm

Admission Fees: 

Adults: 100 Php
High School and College Students : (with i.d's) :80 php
Elementary students with id: Php 60


  1. wow. this is nice! can't wait to visit this soon! :D

  2. Wow this is an awesome post! I don't get to visit that much museums lately, but since this will run 'til April next year, I will take the time to visit this place as I love seeing wonderful works of art.

    Thanks for sharing, Lakwatsera Mom! :)

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  10. yes it really was guys, it became my "silent" journey when I was here, parang " kind -of-soul serching din!

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