Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wanna be an OFF Lotion Top Mom?

As  full time mom to my two kids, I must say that in being with them almost 7 years already, I still don't consider myself a Top Mom! But at least I try to be in my littlest ways to prove how much I love them.

So when an invite came from my email, and it says there that I am invited to Top Moms Tea Party. Honestly I got excited. Being with my co-parents in an afternoon of fun and exchanging views is a plus already.

So here's what happened that delightful afternoon of Mommy fun!

That day they launched the TOP MOMS site. A site where moms and moms to be can find interesting infos about managing your kids and what's best aside from the valuable and helpful tips we moms will be getting that , we can also seek professional advice from reputable pediatrics and psychology practitioners.

Dra. Empress Carlos-Villapando (Pediatrician) and Dr. Anna Vazquez(Child Psychiatrist).

That afternoon was all fun and learning as we got the chance to ask questions to these two pretty and accommodating doctors.

And here's what you can find in the TOP MOMS site:

That afternoon is so fun that even my kids who are with me that day (because they were taught to make a puppet or what is that name -thing!)! Thanks OFF LOTION Clean Feel for the invite.!

You may visit the site at http://topmoms.net/beta .

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