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Recently I was planning to join a fud tour in Binondo just in time for The Chinese New Year celebration. But I don’t know if it is what you call “perfect timing” because I was invited to join The Chinese STREET-STYLE Food Tour at SM NORTH EDSA located at 3 SKY GARDEN covered areas. For me all the food stalls looked plain but I was proved wrong. Believe me, you have to taste all of them to tell if I’m saying the truth.

Our First stop was CHICKEN DELI

 And hey I spotted a foodie blogger here,check this link to know him!

Chicken Deli first took Bacolod by storm before opening a branch here in Metro Manila.

Chicken Deli offers TIPID MEALS
TM1 2sticks Isol or 2 Sticks Baticolon with rice Php45
TM2 1 stick Isol and 1 stick of Baticolon with rice Php45
TM3 1pc chicken with rice Php 49
TM4 1 stick pork bbq with rice Php49

And for the “rice eaters” , they have KANIN ALL YOU CAN with Free Soup Meals
  • Paa Meal Php97/ Pork BBQ Meal Php89
  • PechoPak Meal Php 99/ Liempo Meal Php 99

Although they are not part of the food tour, we decided to give their chicken a bite! 

2nd Stop was GOVBY’S FOOD
 They offer various dimsum food like siomai in beef, pork and sharksfin as well. Of course SIOPAO is also included in their menu. But one thing is for sure siopao tastes much better if it’s a bit warmer.

3rd stop is LITTLE FELLAS 

 They have to these for for their HotPot!

 My HongKong Style Noodles with Sharksfin Php40 only.

I don't know what they call these but it's suppose to give goodluck!

I tried their HONGKONG STYLE NOODLES, and I am impressed with the taste . The taste is authentic! I have tasted other HongKong Style noodles kiosks before but this one did really made a homerun with my taste buds. The prices for noodles starts with Php25 for the plain , with sharksfin is Php40 and with 2pcs.siomai Php35. They also offer shabu-shabu. I didn’t get to try it but will do on my next visit.They are bit higher in price but it is sure the worth the taste! They are selling goodluck garlands (or I don’t know what they truly call them) for Php150. Good job Little Fellas!

On our way to our next stop, we decided to go down to see this one! 
They are so cute,make sure to have your photos take here for keepsake!

4th Stop is MY RED BASKET

What's great with their siopao is that it taste authentic and warmer!

Here at RED BASKET , they have a lot to offer for dimsum lovers! You would never run of things to try out. And they do have nice and courteous staff too!

Our last stop, SIOMAI HOUSE

SIOMAI HOUSE never fails to amaze me with their Gulaman. I personally love their gulaman above any other food stalls.

Don't forget to visit these stalls these CHINESE NEW YEAR. It will save you lot of time and money if you chose to visit SM NORTH EDSA this Chinese New Year! They always make sure that they have a lot to offer to their shopping and dining customers, that's why SM NORTH EDSA is always on my list of malls that I love.

The Chinese Street Style Food Festival is on its roll last Jan.17 and until Janury 23, 2012 at the SM NORTH EDSA SKY GARDEN Covered areas!

I will surely come back with my family here! 

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Thank You Azrael of Azrael's Merryland  and SM NORTH EDSA for inviting me and fellow bloggers to have a one of a kind food trip that doesn't need to travel that far to enjoy Chinese Food's authenticity!

Click here for more photos of our food trip adventure!

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