Sunday, January 22, 2012

CITY HUNTER: Lee Min Ho's Newest Korean Drama

ABS-CBN kicks off the year of the Dragon withy the much- awaited and biggest Korean drama “City Hunter “ premiering this Monday (Jan.23) in Primetime Bida.

I am so excited with this new offering because not all of my friends new that I’m “Koreanovela” addict. I always make sure to watch them whenever I have time at home. 

And this time after his biggest hit “Boys Over Flowers” Lee Min Ho, Asian’s Superstar will lead this overly-budgeted Korean hit series, CITY HUNTER.

Lee Min Ho has a big following here in the Philippines. And I was not surprised because I was able to see that last Friday at the City Hunter Advance Screening at The Dolphy Theatre.

The theater was packed and alot of Lee Min Ho's fans was there to support it!

 You can even some of the fans with the replica masks that Lee Min Ho used for this Korean Drama.

Park Min-Young is Lee Min Ho's leading lady here and also rumored as his Girl friend.

In the series, Min Ho plays the role of johnny Lee, a charming and smart young man who works at the Presidential residence called the BLUE HOUSE. Little did everyone know that behind his massive appeal to women, intelligence and pleasing personality lies a son trained to kill and seek revenge for his father. His mission is to make 5 politicians responsible for killing his father pay with their own lives.

Despite being skilled assassin, the task wouldn't be that easy for Johnny because he has to follow three rules on his mission ----he can't trust anyone, he can't reveal his true identity and he can't fall in love with Na Na, he must also choose which path to take . Will he choose duty or love ? We will soon find out as we watch it every night, right after Pinoy Big Brother on January 23 in the undisputed Primetime Bida!

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  1. where can i buy the authentic city hunter mask? please reply. thanks