Friday, January 20, 2012


Last Dec.28, 2011, Figaro opened a new branch in World Citi Colleges. Now even patients/outpatient and its Hospital community will now enjoy the Figaro coffee experience that Figaro Coffee Company can offer! 

And just residing a few kilometers away from it made me thankful because before the only branch I’m near, is Figaro Gateway Mall branch. Whenever I crave for their yummy pastries their Gateway Mall branch is my refuge.
But now that they opened here in World Citi Colleges and Hospital, it made my visits to Figaro more convenient.

As a Figaro coffee patron, me and my blogger friends were again invited to visit this new branch. And without asking them I knew that we would be unanimous in saying that, “At last Figaro is much nearer now!” 

Of course our visit would not be complete without a taste of their new offering, the healthy “MALUNGGAY PAN de SAL”.

The Malunggay Pan de Sal comes in two varieties, the Tuna-filled Pan de Sal and ASADO-filled Pan de Sal. This traditional Filipino bread roll made with Moringa leaves is baked fresh with prime tuna/asado filling ingredients. A piece of this cost only Php45.

But if you really dig Figaro coffee and love the healthy Malunggay Pan de Sal, they have a promo that comes with it that you can’t resist! A piece of Malunggay Pan de Sal comes with unlimited brewed coffee for only Php99 from 7:00am to 11:00am. That will surely keep you on your feet the whole day! I will not forget to have this promo the next time I swing by at any Figaro Branch.

And EXCLUSIVELY for Figaro World Citi Branch, they are currently offering a great promo!

For cold drinkers, Just buy 2 Figaro Frosts and get the next frost for FREE (except Butterscotch Vanilla). And for the Hot drink lovers, BUY 2 16oz Hot Drinks and get 1 16oz Hot drink FREE!

That will be a great buy for the coffee drinkers! 

Figaro Coffee experience is made more yummier by its wide range of pastry selections like its muffins (available in Blueberry, Cheese and Chocolate Chip Muffin) Php65, Tuna and Asado Pie Php 45 each, and the yummy mini cakes, MY LITTLE OSCAR (Php119) and CHOCOLATE CAKE (Php119).
Now I can share more of my FIGARO Coffee experience because it has new branch near me. And you’ll hear more of it hear on my blog.

But there’s a lot more in store at their Facebook page and Twitter account so just keep updated with these social media outlets to know more about the latest offerings of Figaro and their exciting promos posted on their Facebook page.

See you all soon at FIGARO WORLD CITI COLLEGES at Aurora Blvd. Q.C. They are open Mondays-Saturdays 7:00am-7:00pm! If guys have any Figaro coffee stories to share/tell, don’t hesitate to drop-by and comment on this blogpost! Because FIGARO Coffee is LOVE…….!

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