Monday, January 23, 2012

Hecktor'S Salon: Php 50 Haircut at Hecktor's Salon and More...

The month of January's almost done! And I'm even too busy to have my haircut done on my birthday! And I miss my favorite salon. A few months back here's what I look like when I got my first haircut done at HECKTOR'S Salon....

 This cut is done by the Salon owner himself. The service cut is called HECKTOR'S CUT which costs only Php200. For that amount you will be getting a cut from the stylist himself. And I can guarantee that you will the service you will be wanting to come back!

And now hair misses their service, I badly need my hair cut done. The tips of my hair is crying out loud! They need to be cut the soonest time possible. I don't feel confident with my look na..I miss my bangs! I need to hide my forehead na! 

 I know some of you will agree with me that with all the limp hair I'm getting, I have to have that haircut ASAP!

HECKTOR'S SALON is located along KAMIAS St. just opposite of The Orange Place. Hecktor, the owner comes from renowned salon which I will reveal to you (if you will ask) through pm :). He decided to put up his own salon to give back to his customers and have that great Salon experience by a notch lower when it comes to price.

And right now they have a promo, you can have your haircut for only Php50 (not done by Hecktor but by his junior stylists which are well-trained too!)

And aside for the Php50 haircut promo (which is valid from Today till the end of the month of January) ,there will be a 50% promo for all Hair Color service!

So friends and mommies alike, I hope you grab this fab services for the year 2012. Let's embrace and welcome the year with "fabulous-ness"

For more infos You may like HECKTOR'S SALON FB Fanpage here , and see the portfolio of his works too!

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