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Net25 First and Newest Teleserye "5 Girls and a Dad" to conquer TV Viewing on January 23, 2012

Last January 16, 2012, Television Network Net 25 of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation had its presscon for its first-ever teleserye , “5 Girls and A Dad”.

It was one of dream come true when I got the chance to be among the guests of this launched because I am so proud to tell you that the writer for this teleserye is none other than, the multi awarded writer Ms. Lualhati Bautista. I am more than proud to have the chance to have met and tell her that me and my husband collects all the books she had written.

The 5 Girls played by : L-R: Chesca Salcedo, 

This light-drama series is very timely because it focuses on family values and the growing percentage that there is a rise in number of “single-parent families”

“5 Girls and a Dad” is about A single father and taxi-driver operator Enzo ( played by Richard Quan) who after the death of his wife (played by Lara Quigaman) is left with no choice but to be the mother and father to her 5 kids. His wife here died right after giving birth with their youngest daughter.

The challenge here in the story is that it is narrated in a different light. We are accustomed to stories in which the mother is always the one left to look after the kids. But this time the father here is faced with the challenge of being the single father.

During the Q & A with the press, I asked Richard Quan the preparations he had to do for the role. He said that he didn’t have problem with the character he is trying to portray here since he had experience being around his nieces and nephews and that’s where getting all the necessary emotions that his character needs. He also shared that he even practiced driving a taxi to get the feel of the character of being a taxi driver.

The director , veteran megman and producer ELSON MONTALBO and Net25 shared that it took this long for them to finally air a teleserye because they had to keep within its corporate mission and philosophy of offering only values-driven, 100% family-oriented wholesome programming. 

Net25 is careful in bringing only good values to its Filipino audience.

Let’s Meet the cast :
Enzo- The Dad                    (Richard Quan)
Veron-The wife                  ( Lara Quigaman)
The Daughters:
  Mimay the eldest            ( Dixie Nedic)
  Anna Lisa                           ( Kate Nizedel)
 Alex                                      (Abby Quilnat)
 Valerie                                 (Chesca Salcedo)
 Angel                                    ( Kiane Palmes)
Jupiter Veron’s Dad            ( Lee Martinez)
Venus , Enzo’s Mom           (Vangie Labalan)
By the way if your excited as I am, you have the chance to catch its Advance screening for its first episode in digital cinemas in Metro Manila on Saturday, January 21, 10am and it’s FREE ADMISSION!
Venues :
SM Mall of Asia Cinema
Robinson’s Galleria Cinema
Robinson’s Place Cinema
Here’s another catch, there will be a simulcast screenings in 5 separate areas and Barangays  in the different parts of the Metro from January 23-28. Screenings will be done in one public area per day where the target public can watch the teledrama as it is aired on NET25.
The schedules are as follows:
January23- Brgy. Commonwealth
January 24- Brgy. Pinagbuhatan
January 25- Taguig City University
January 27-Oreta Sports Complex in Malabon
Don’t forget to mark the date, January 23, Monday-Friday from 7:30-830pm at Net 25. Directed by ELSON MONTALBO, with co-directors ROY PALMES, Ray Duvane de Leon and Mike Silva.

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