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Barbara's Restaurant : A CULTURAL Haven within a Restaurant

Having resided for almost a hundred percent of my life here in the city of The Stars (Quezon City), I almost knew every district and known tourist spot here in my beloved city. I know I cannot equate how much I knew my current city to any of the other places here in the Philippines. I have always marveled at new places and things. Time is a luxury for a mom like me. It has been a limitation that I would love to get out of. But I have been so lucky this year 2012, I have been receiving a lot of blessings I didn’t expect. 

And this one particular invitation is to be a part of The Intramuros Bloggers Challenge 2012 (Food Bloggers). I have been to many restaurants the past few months and I can say each of them fared with my palate.  But this restaurant I'm about to share with you is like a MYTH waiting to be told.

And the Story behind it starts now... 

Barbara's Restaurant is located at Gen.Luna St. Casa San Luis Complex. 

Just look for The WHITE KNIGHT Hotel and you won't be lost.

Exploring the whole restaurant has made feel shivers in my spine especially when I walked past by this mirror. It's like traveling in the old times during the Spanish Era, where the Ilustrados and Principalias had their parties. I just could imagine the ladies during those times with their "Maria Clara' outfits. This vintage mirrors might have a lot of memories encrypted in it.

I had a nice time walking from The San Agustin Church. I opted to walk from there going to Barbara's to breathe some Manila air and familiarize a bit with the INTRAMUROS Locale. 

These are the food that I chose on their buffet. I had Pasta, Grilled Chicken,Pork with Honey Sauce, and for dessert, which is my favorite part of the menu, I chose The Pandan Gelatine w/ Cheese on top and Ginatan.
The Pandan Gelatine was a blockbuster for me. It wasn't too sweet nor hard for the texture. No "umay' factor. And oh before I forget, The Brazo Bars was funtastic that when I tried to get another set at the
Buffet table, the servers said that there's no more Brazo Bars left.

On my way to Barbara's I was already visualizing what kind of food are they going to serve us.  You may say that I sound too excited. But I really am EXCITED! It was my first to dine in an old and REAL Spanish House. And it got me curious as to what are they're going to offer my tummy.

The food did impressed me, I still have to say that they should have more offerings to make their customers come back again. Like for example they could have a different menu everyday, like for Monday Cebu Festive delights and etc.. It'll be more appealing to dining customers to eat and be enthralled by the different famous cuisines that we have here in the Philippines. It is also one way of promoting the different cuisines that we are famous of. 

The Barbara'sRestaurant need not to improve the ambiance and set-up.  They should do more research and experiments when it comes to the food that they offer to make them stand-out and be known of what they are famous of.

After the FOOD...

Let me share with you a CULTURAL PERFORMANCE that I think would be of big help to our Tourism industry.

 One of our co-bloggers even tried to dance the TINIKLING.

This cultural performance is dubbed as "KUKTURA". The guests while eating will be treated to a great performance by "FOLKLORICO" group. They share our history by showcasing the different famous dances from the different regions of our country.

Barbara is  GOOD FOOD +Superb CULTURAL TALENTS, that are just some of the words that best describes Barbara's Restaurant for me.

So if you are up for a restaurant that serves good food with a cultural performance to entertain and educate you about our heritage, BARBARA'S RESTAURANT might be a jewel in the heart of Manila. You can purchase their buffet dinners at Php 545 plus with a Cultural show. I must remind you still that you have to call and have a table reserved and arrive earlier than usual to have a better seating

FACEBOOK: Barbara's Restaurant
Email: Barbarasrestaurant@yahoo.com
Mobile no.: +63 917 838 7545

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