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The Magician's Foundation Inc.'s New Set of Officers for 2012 !

“IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES”! Yes indeed it is! With most amazing talents coming from the Philippines, Our country is basically an amazing destination to visit in terms of talent. A lot of Filipinos excel in the different fields like Music, Fashion, Movie, and Technology. But there’s more than the field's that I have mentioned.

As I have observed, many have been said about the people who have excelled in those fields. But what about MAGIC? Magic is also considered a TALENT. It is a CRAFT as well that most magicians have been developing over the years. But there has been little information disseminated about our persevering MAGICIANS. This time I want to commend a group of FILIPINO Magicians whom I think serves a commendation coming from me, yes a fellow Filipinos should support his fellow as well.

I met these Magicians through the ILLUSIVE GROUP (which sir Solomon Cu and JB Dela Cruz is apart of also). The ILLUSIVE headed a project/event called “SEARCH for The MAGIKERONG PILIPINO. This search aims to discover and award the Top3 Talented MAGICIANS all over the country. After this event, they invited me and some blogger friends to cover the Oath taking of the new set of officers for MAGFI.

What is MAGFI?


It began when David Lim, a succesful businessman, who was also very much interested in the Art of Magic met Juancho Lunaria (Wanlu), an amateur magician then, Danny Luchavez, a well-accomplished magician and Domenico Tapiador (Mimo), also a professional magician. They decided one day to form a group where magicians could be united together for the welfare of everybody in the Philippines.

So in 1990, they founded The Magicians Foundation Inc. Philippines and subsequently invited other magicians. The foundation was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 24, 1990 with SEC # 177409.

It became International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) Ring 322, through the efforts of Enrique "Burik" Nadela, on March 20, 1997 with the following as Charter Members: Enrique Nadela, Danilo Luchavez, Sherwin Lim, Allan Rondina, Joseph Sulit, Allan De Mesa, David Lim, Nap Bargas Perez, Ernesto Sarangaya, Eduardo Papistol, Richard Gonzales and Juancho Lunaria. Since then, the membership continues to grow by the year.

Their mission is to uplift the standards of Magic as a form of entertainment in the Philippines. They dream that one day, the Filipino Magician will become a well competitive performer to the world market. A dream that we hope to achieve in the near future.

The oath taking took place in The ROTARY Center in Roces ave. Q.C. I came earlier so that I’ll have the chance to know more about the officers. The newly elected President arrived early too! And I’m glad he’s in for an impromptu interview.

POSITION: President                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     2012-2013
He was elected President for the year 2012. He is known as “CHUBSTER” in his acts. His specialization as Magician is in FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT and Kid’s Show. Chubster is already in the business for almost 20 years. And aside from being a talented Magician, he has also been seen in some commercials such as Bayantel, Little Caesar and etc. Chubster wants to support his fellow magicians thru his leadership and he candidly told me that he is open to any suggestion that their group members might open to the officers.


President: Ferdinand "Chubster" Flores
VP Internal - Marcus Ondevilla
VP External - Samuel "Zam" Fuentes
Secretary - Christopher "Chris O." Orbon
PRO - Arnold "Amazing Arnold" Allanigui & Jervey "Flooch" Capili
Tresurer - Elmer Bustos
Auditor - Demetrio "Master Dem" Cuizon 
Protocol - Frederick Tabigne & Ronald "Jester" Tallo

So to the newly elected MAGFI INC OFFICERS 2012-2013 Congratulations. please continue to be of service to fellow and aspiring magicians. And "KUDOS" to the "AMBASSADOR OF MAGIC", Mr. George Mamonluk for always supporting MAGFI INC's Causes!

 Sir George Mamonluk, of Ma Mon Luk Restaurant

More photos here of the Oathtaking Ceremony of MAGFI.

Candle Lighting during the oathtaking ceremonies

Sir George Mamonluk as he led the induction ceremonies of the new set of officers of MAGFI.

The new set of officers reading their oath of allegiance.

MAGFI members and officers

Again to The Magician's Foundation Inc, it is my pleasure to have written you here on my humble space. More Power to each and everyone of you. And hope to catch you guys in one of your acts.

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  1. Hi Janese, thanks a lot for a very wonderful article about MAGFI. Hope this wont be the first and last that you will be blogging about this wonderful group of magicians!