Thursday, February 2, 2012


Comfort and safety are always one of the things we take note of whenever we purchase something, especially if it is a girl or woman’s thing.

But one thing I’ve noticed these days after watching Karylle at SHOWTIME is that she’s carefree in all her moves. And she’s not afraid to move an inch and that’s because, she is the new face for JEUNESSE ANION !!!

Karylle has found the perfect partner to complement her multi-faceted persona. Her new partner is JEUNESSE ANION, the newest line of feminine napkin specifically designed for modern-day Filipinas like her.

What does make JEUNESSE ANION different from the other pads or napkin in the market?

  • It's all-natural, non-woven and non-irritating material with super absorbent polymer.
  • It has a scientifically-formulated ANION strip that helps odor and feminine discomfort. The strip releases negative-charged ions that neutralizes bad odor attracted to positively-charged ions.
  •  The glue used is special and non-toxic. We don’t want any industrial glue going anywhere near your jewel! 
  •  Inner layers are made from dirt-free and sterilized virgin pulp material that gives a Jeunesse pad an additional boost of softness
  • A Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin has a three-year expiration period. If you leave one in your bag and forget about it, you can still get the full benefits of the anion napkin… provided that you find your forgotten pad in your bag within three years!

    "Karylle was chosen for be the face for JEUNESSE ANION SANITARY NAPKINS because she's versatile as a showbiz personality, She can sing, dance, act and host. And she's also into fitness and health ", according to Mr. Jericho San Agustin (the brand's Sales and marketing head for JEUNESSE).

    Here's the complete line for JEUNESSE ANION Sanitary napkins.




    A photo with new Face of JEUNESSE ANION: Karylle

    For more updates in info on this new and exciting pad in the market you may call them at 637-8104/09175642233 or visit or like them here on FACEBOOK and follow them on TWITTER here.

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