Thursday, February 2, 2012

UNOFFICIALLY YOURS : This will be my first Valentine Movie To watch out for !!!

Now here's another Valentine movie from Star Cinema, "UNOFFICIALLY YOURS". UNOFFICIALLY YOURS stars John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin. This movie is about a guy who believes in love so much and falls in love with a girl who doesn't want to fall in love. Sounds Crazy right?

We first saw Angel Locsin and John lloyd Cruz partnered before on t.v. for the gothic love series, IMMORTAL. Now we'll have to watch them paired for the first time in a movie where there has been so many first for them.

According to John Lloyd," First time namin ni angel sa big screen, first time namin pareho sa ganitong klaseng roles, first time ng Star Cinema na sumabak sa ganitong tema na masasabing taboo pero nangyayari namn talaga sa paligid natin pero hindi lang komportable ang marami pag-usapan. It's a bold step to tackle this theme, pero syempre with the touch of Star vCinema, tlagang puso, yung pinak-puso ng mga characters ang mapapa nuod dito. This is really something new, Something very different".

During the presscon for this movie, All the casts of movie has been open in answering all questions from the media press. Angel Locsin was even asked , what is the official status of their relationship? She answered that she is " unofficially" happy for a year na in their "unofficial" relationship. With the glow in Angel's face,there's no doubt that Angel is so happy with the present status of her lovelife. Err...which coincidentally has a connection with her present movie John lloyd Cruz.

If ever I'm gonna asked if relationships SHOULD HAVE LABELS? My ANSWER would be .....

' For me it depends... it depends who is in the situation. IMHO, I would say that relationships may not or may have labels. In my own experience, my husband, when we're not yet married----we got into a relationship with no in we didn't have that "courting" stage, hey I know your eyebrows are raising, But look where we are now. We're now married and have 2 kids. What I'm trying to say here is that, Labels or without labels, LABELS are not basis or premise if a RELATIONSHIP will or will not succeed, right?  So for me LABELS in a relationship doesn't have any bearing.

For the love month of FEBRUARY, UNOFFICIALLY YOURS is a "must-watch" Valentine movie of the year.

Make sure to catch "love" offering from Star Cinema on February 15, 2012 at 100 theaters nationwide. A movie megged by the evr-famous Direk Cathy Garcia Molina.

But before you got all excited here some of the pictures from the presscon of the much-anticipated "VALENTINE" movie of the year..

 John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin

 One of my favorite directors from STAR CINEMA , Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina

 I will update this blog for more photos soon! Wait for it!!! Click HERE for more Photos of the presscon.

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