Monday, April 9, 2012

FIGARO: New Drinks and Food offerings to Perk Your Summer

Summer is fast approaching and it’ll only be a few weeks till we say hello to summer. Summer is acquainted with the hot temperature especially that we are living in a tropical country. But of course there are lots of ways to beat the hot season. And one answer to that is quenching our thirst. We the rising temperature we’re gonna experience, it ‘ ll be good for our body to feel more hydrated. 

This summer I plan to enjoy my summer getaways by indulging more of Figaro’s latest MILK TEA CRAZE. I have not visited Figaro lately but I’m sensing that I’ll always visit Figaro most especially with their new line of Milk Teas.  

Meet my new favorite Hydrating-buddy:


There’s more to these new FIGARO MILK TEA drinks: it also has “popping boba” . Its is red, soft thin-film of boba that’s gonna pop inside your mouth. I don’t know which Milk tea is my favorite. I both love these 2 new flavors. So the next time I’ll be visiting Figaro Gateway Mall, I’ll order these 2 new flavors.

These 2 new flavors will be a good a match for Figaro Dinner Meals:

  Pan-Seared Chicken Barbeque with Java Rice (Php 150)

CRUSTY DORY FILLET  in Creamy Pesto Sauce and Rice Pilaf (Php150)

And for perfectly “sweet” endings try their DEVIL’S MOCHA CAKE (Php119)

I have been loving this cake because it is not too sweet (no "umay" factor). So delicious that you
will decide to get another one. In fact I plan to indulge this with Figaro Milk Tea Craze variants.
It'll be winner, I'm sure!!!

 So beat the heat with these new Food and Milk Tea Craze offerings from FIGARO COFFEE COMPANY

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