Sunday, April 15, 2012


Last March 29, 2012 the NEWEST brand of SHOES, GET SOLE  was launched at CHAT TIME ETON CENTRIS. Bloggers invited were treated to an afternoon of good tea while having feast on the new GET SOLE shoes.

At the launch brand ambassadors KELLY MEDINA,BJORN BEDAYO and DAVID GUISON were present . although I was a bit disappointed because I wasn’t able to meet my fave fashion blogger AISA AIPAC of Drowning Equilibriums (blog). AISA AIPAC is the female brand ambassador for GET SOLE.

When I got an invite for the launch I was excited since when I saw the shoes, I know it will fit any guy who will wear it. From there on I already visualizing that hubby will be wearing the Get SOLE in Gray colors.
My hubby is not really into fashion. He just wears anything that his eyes will lay on. So on the bright side, I’m not having any fears that he will raid every new shoe that comes out in the market. Between the two of us, I am the SHOE ADDICT. But I’m not really  in particular with brands. The shoe doesn’t need to be pricey. It just have to match my daily routine and for the most part of my shoe purchases, LOVE at FIRST SIGHT prevails!

So with GET SOLE  being COMFORTABLE, SUPER AFFORDABLE and CLASSIC, I’m sure hubby won’t get a hard time matching it with his outfits. GET SOLE has 3 colors that men can choose from : Classic BLACK, Hip BROWN and GRAY tone. It’s sizes ranges from 6-10.
And for only Php599 a pair you can purchase GET SOLE at all AMERICAN BOUEVARD outlets and you can also get your orders DIRECTLY by calling or texting at 0915-567-2808,

GET SOLE stands for ? JUST IN CASE you night ask, what’s in a name?
G-GRAB thy
E-Effortless and

S-Shoes that
L-life super

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