Wednesday, April 18, 2012

KAMIKAZEE: Releases their "NEW" album "ROMANTICO"

Kamikazee, with their signature onstage antics and witty songs, has established itself to be one of the hottest rock bands of this generation, yielding numerous hits like Narda, Tsinelas, Chicksilog, First day High, among others. I remember my nephew loves to sing that even he was 2 years old then. We would watch him sing and in fact he doesn’t know how to read and yet he can finish the song till the end. It goes to show how kamikaze can make a recall even to the younger generation.

Now Kamikazee fresh from winning an award at the recent MYX MUSIC AWARDS with a new album that is close to their personal love experiences.
Frontman Jay Contreras adds,"Para siyang kwento ng mga taong, umibig, umiibig iniwan, nasaktan, at umibig ulit.

The band added that usually the songs come first before they think of an album concept, but for  their new album “Romantico”, it is clear to them that they want to tackle love as its central theme.

The album’s first single “HALIK” talks about love grown tired, expressed in kamikazee’s signature sound.
Other standout tracks are “TNT”, “Tamis”, “tagpuan”,”Sana”, “Sobrang Lungkot”, “Kislap”, “Wo-Oh”, “If You’re Not Here”, “Paano”, and “Huling Sayaw”.

 The official video of  KAMIKAZEE'S song "HALIK"

KAMIKAZEE has come along way since it was formed in 2000 but they are still complete along with band members like: Jomal Linao on guitars, Led Tuyay on guitars, Puto Astete on Bass and Bords Burdeos.

The album "ROMANTICO" is released under UNIVERSAL RECORDS, Go and grab a copy! 

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