Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kusina Master Chef Boy Logro now on its 2nd Season with its guest CARLA ABELLANA

I love cooking so much that I’ve said these many times here in my blog. And sometimes no matter how you love what you are doing, there are times usually that you get tired of the old dishes that we cook for your family. 

I have a lot of cook books. I must admit I am pressured with the wonderful food photos that come with it. But hey! Don’t you wish sometimes that “cookbooks” can actually speak and demonstrate to us how the dishes are cooked? But no, cookbooks cannot do that. So as a resort I watch cooking shows .

Cooking shows are more interactive and more “real” plus the fact they actually cook on tv makes you visualize more on how that particular dish would look and taste.   

So for a cooking show I always watch KUSINA MASTER by CHEF BOY LOGRO. Chef Boy Logro’s funny antics helped in making the televiewers glued to their seats. Just like me, I enjoy how he cooks in the show because he makes gourmet cooking easy with his easy –to-follow steps on how to cook a certain dish.
And another thing I like watching Kusina Master is that they have different guests artists daily to add spice

 Kapuso star Carla Abellana enjoys putting pepper with this very huge peppermill!

 Kusina Master by Chef Boy Logro is definitely one of the cooking shows I try to watch once in while since I can't just sit and watch T.V all day . A dose of watching KUSINA MASTER by CHEF BOY LOGRO makes me want to try and make my own "version" of his dishes.

 YUM! YUM! Don't they look and actually taste yummier if you will try to this one at home?

So for those who want to try their luck and maybe unleash their prowess in cooking, let KUSINA MASTER by CHEF BOY LOGRO help you by watching their show now with their new timeslot as well   at 11:30 am, and now most especially that they are on their 2nd season. So many "Kapuso" stars will be gusting in this show so don't forget to watch out for it.

KUSINA MASTER by CHEF BOY LOGRO on FACEBOOK and you can also get his recipes here in this Facebook account. And also if you like to see more photos of the upcoming photos of this episode with Carla Abellana please check my fan page here.

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