Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My family’s health is always one of the top concerns I avoid missing. I have been busy these past few months but I won’t take it as an excuse. Just like a few weeks ago, my eldest son, LJ went home and told me that the ophthalmologist that visited their class told him he had to wear eye glasses.

 An intern checks what's his eye grades. I love the doctors here , they are very accommodating!

Of course at first I didn’t believe him because as kids sometimes they tend to make stories, but of course I believe my son and so the next day I went to visit their class and talk to his adviser. His teacher confirmed that he indeed need eye glasses. 

That's Dra. Joanne Bolinao, especializing with Pediatric Opthalmology. She double checks the other eye tests that the intern did with my son.

I am still in denial so I told her adviser that he will be absent next week. When it comes to their health, I never haggle so I remember the last time I was tweeting that AMERICAN EYE has a Twitter account. So I tweeted them what the doctors at my son’s school said. And I was surprise with their swift response. Imagine they are really answering twitter inquiries. Not that I’m not taking their online efforts seriously but it was indeed a positive impression for me. Since I was the kind of person who’s always online it actually helped me while I’m busy with my online tasks. With that Twitter inquiry I actually booked an appointment for my son’s eye check-up with their branch at American Eye Shangri-La.

My tweet that made my appointment with American Eye faster and hassle-free.

So the next thing I know, the following week we were at American Eye Shangri-la. We have a 3pm appointment with one of the “best” Eye doctors especially in Pediatric Opthalmology, Dr. Joanne Bolinao.

After doing several tests on my son’s eyes, Dra. Bolinao confirmed that he indeed needs eyeglasses to correct his eye defects such as Far-sightedness. But good thing is Dra.Bolinao said that my son’s eye can improve if he continues to use his eye glasses.She also wrote the right prescription glasses that my son needs.

 LJ and Dra. Joanne Bolinao.

 After the eye check up , my son immediately got his own AMERICAN EYE card. This is what he's gonna present everytime he visits American Eye.

So for all of you , who may have eye ailments, I suggest you pay them a visit or tweet them. You will be surprise that they are actually answering your tweets. HASSLE-FREE right? Information about The American Eye Center is listed below.

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/AmericanEyeCenter
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/Eyetweets
Branches: American Eye Greenbelt 5 Level4
                American Eye Shangrila  Plaza Level 5
Telephone nos.: 636-0762/ 729-3937
Email:  info@americaneye.com.ph

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