Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MY FAMILY and I: Zeus Soon To Be a First Grader !!!

My son Zeus recently finished and attended his moving -up ceremonies. Next year he'll be in first grade. But since he is a bit small for his age (he's 6 y/o), he's a bit reluctant when we always brought the subject of him entering "Big School".

That's why these past few days, to help him boost his confidence I always tell him stories about me when I was the same age as he was. And if that was not enough, I always tell him that He was my SON. And that just like Mommy, he'll grow smart too. (Oh well?!)

Anyways, I think being smart does not always come at a certain age. Some common myths says Girls are known to learn faster than boys. But on there's one thing I truly believe, that my son is only a "Late Bloomer".

ZEUS holding one of his artworks in school.

These past few days he's telling me that he's not yet ready to be in first grade because his handwriting is not that steady. But I always try to suffice him by telling mommy's here to help him learn more and there'll be more teachers that will teach him. And the most important thing is :ALWAYS BELIEVE in YOURSELF.

Teaching him to believe in his capabilities at a young age is a must. In my personal opinion it is the parents who should  be first to teach their kids about it. An it is also the parents who should be the first ones to believe in their kids. If a kid knows that his/her family believes in what he does then the next good thing is that, the kid learns to love and appreciate himself.

In the photo above, it was a picture of Zeus when I fetched at school. I could how proud he is when he was running toward me, with the look in his that says "Mom this is my work" and what I did upon seeing that look on his face, of course, "GREAT JOB BABE"!

I still have a lot of time to build his confidence, I know with continued guidance and support, before the summer is over I'll be able to persuade him that BIG SCHOOL is a venue where he can reach his potentials.

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