Sunday, April 1, 2012

NAILS.GLOW Don Antonio Heights: The New Nail Spa in Town

A few weeks ago I had my feet pampered but of course in order to feel energized again, I feel I need to pamper myself once more. I barely had time to do this but I know I had to pamper myself to brush off all the stress I’ve accumulated the past few weeks.


 Just in case , here's a map going to this new FaB Place for pampering.

Pampering one's self can be a stress-reliever and sometimes I can only wish that I can do it on a weekly basis.The problem is I don’t have that much money to spend on that fab spa I went to before. So with that I got a little sad not until a friend suggested I try this new place that not only offers nail and foot spa but also services that will make your body GLOW and REJUVENATED through their affordable packages.

Through a friend’s suggestion I visited NAILS.GLOW DON ANTONIO HEIGHTS branch. It was a bit far from my house but this time I like the idea of trying a new spa with an environment I am not familiar with. In short I need a REFRESHER from the usual surroundings I am used to. 

Their interiors are very "woody-ish". They also have a couple's room. I hope I can bring hubby here as well.

It was a long and smooth ride but I didn’t mind because I am with blogger friends as well. One thing one should take note of when trying out a new place to relax (for e.g Spa or Salon), one must try it with a friend. But if you are the quiet person who prefer to be alone on  his /her relaxing pause in one’s busy schedule. But for me, I rather visit the spa with a friend so that it can be a relaxing treat to you as well and may serve also as bonding experience among friends.

 They even served me coffee on this cute little cup.

So upon arriving at NAILS.GLOW DON ANTONIO HEIGHTS branch I was greeted by their very courteous and attentive staff. It seems they are trained to be very attentive to one’s customers to let their customers feel that they are important and special. And that was one of the factors why Nails.Glow Don Antonio Heights will make a name of itself .

 Chelle was my attendant that night. I'm very grateful to her because she was very polite, acommodating and no hang-ups! Keep up the good work, people like you are the ones why businesses grow and "GLOW" more!

I was lucky that I was assigned to Chelle (Nails.Glow’s Spa Attendant). She very attentive to every detail I say to her when I chose to get my hand and feet pampered first. I first tried NAILS.GLOW PREMIUM Hand and FOOT SPA with manicure and pedicure. Then after a relaxing foot treat, I went upstairs to try their “Ear Candling”. Ear Candling is a new way to removed your ear wax .

Ear Candling is very pain-less. I can barely feel anything. I was amazed at how she got the wax out of my ear by simply lighting that cloth and placed on my ear. Ear Candling is for the people who wants an "ouch-less" way of getting their earwax. I'm planning to have my son try this soon.
See photos on how it was done.

Next service I got to try is their Body Scrub (of course no photos about it or I'm Done !)
They also have different kinds of scrubs to choose from.

My favorite part of the body when it comes to pampering is my feet and legs. Unfortunately my feet was  not a lovely site to look at. But of course they are a NOT a “FEAST” to the eyes so why deprived it with the pampering it needs. So this is what happened with PREMIUM FOOT SPA .

First they had my feet relaxed with a wooden pail half-filled with lukewarm water. oh I love how my feet dipped in the warm pail of foot-soak.

Then they clean my toes and put the Foot Masque.

I know my legs are not that lovely to look at but I'm sure they'll thank me for giving them a "much-needed" break (if only they could speak ) from all the "expeditions" I have to do everyday.

The services I took that night was:
  • Premium Foot Spa (Php 200) with Mani-Pedi (Php 80/80))
  • Body Scrub in Lavender Sea Salt (Php 400)
  • Ear Candling (Php 350)
  • Whole Body Massage ShiatSwe (Php 400)
NAILS.GLOW has more to offer almost all kinds of Clientele,other services are as follows and I'm sure you'll never run out of ways to pamper yourself at NAILS.GLOW Don Antonio Heights.

For your EYES to GLOW more...

Just Like the eyes , The legs also needs much a "smooth-finish" look!

And so UV Nail Gel Polishes are "in-thing" now, of Course NAILS.GLOW won't be left behind 
NAILS.GLOW is LOVE when it comes NAIL CARE!

After that "Intensifying-GLOW-ful" night of pampering at NAILS.GLOW Don Antonio I can't wait to have my next visit scheduled. And of course I'll bring my kiddos to have them try the Chocolate Foot Spa.

This "Super" Bonggacious experience won't be possible with these 3 beautiful ladies inside-out!

From L-R: Chelle my Attendant for that night, Ms. Tiff Ngo-Cheng  (Thank you for all warm welcome and patience you extended to our group) and to the pretty and Fabulous Franchisor of NAILS.GLOW Ms. AJ Opena.

For more of your inquiries NAILS.GLOW Don Antonio Heights may be reach through

Mobile: 0932-8851100
Landline: 990-5232


  1. I'm interested on the glowing nails and I want to experienced that ear waxing too

    1. actually sis its not waxing the ear. Ear Candling is to help get the ear wax out of your ears.

  2. This is my first time to read about ear candling. Glad to know it's painless. :)

  3. Wow! I wish I could do the same... I feel super un-pampered now. Lol! The prices aren't that bad either! I can't really imagine how that ear candling works. That's interesting! :)

  4. looks like mommy had a day out. great for u, sis. i ENVY u :)

    the prices looks affordable. where here in our place, freshaire and jessie mendez's prices were kind of lofty :)

    found ur site via fbu. hope ul visit me sometime.