Thursday, May 3, 2012

AYOS DITO launched JOHN LLOYD CRUZ with their New Campaigns To help Online Sellers and Buyers

I love doing everything online because it saves me time and transportation costs. I even read news through the internet. I won't claim that I'm that "techy" but with the fast-paced life we're in I'm sure we definitely have a purpose for that. Trying new things is good especially when it benefits and helps the user.

I'm not the kind of person who's not afraid to try new things. So to cut the long story short months ago I was able to have my first online transaction through Ayos Dito. Me and hubby had the idea of buying a car during that time, so we followed the suggestions of friends who had the experience to browse online, Ayos Dito was the first Buy and Sell Website I've visited.

We had a breeze looking at the  ads that sells cars and I can say it really saved me time and effort. And looking over the ads, I also took the chance to surf for other stuff that are on sale.It's like hitting two birds with one stone plus  with out leaving the comforts of your home. Online Selling and Buying takes us to another level where in Buyers and Sellers meet and do their respective businesses online.

Ayos Dito was very easy to use in terms of website navigation. Any user who's not that very techy (just like me) will agree how easy it is to use AYOS DITO.

Just How Hassle-Free it is to use Ayos Dito?

For Buyers:
  • If you need to buy anything from shoes, clothes, toys, a new house or even services. Just go to site by typing at your browser
  • On their website, SELECT your region and the CATEGORY of the item or service you are looking for .
  • Next get the contact details (like email or contact number)  of the SELLER .
  • Last is you have to CHECK the ITEM/SERVICE and close the deal.
For the SELLERS:
  •  First CLICK the POST a FREE AD button .

  • Complete AD Details, Description and Attach photos.
  • And last is CHECK email for the status of your AD.
And to make it more easy for the other people to know more about AYOS DITO and how it can be a useful tool on your personal and business needs, they recently launched its informational campaign through its television commercial featuring multi-awarded actor John Lloyd Cruz.  
Jon Santico General Manager  of  says that with John Lloyd Cruz’s popularity, it will spark more interest for Filipinos to indulge in this new online experience, that is hassle-free and allows you to build relationships with other Filipinos.


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