Thursday, May 3, 2012

HEALTH and WELLNESS: New York Theraspine Hits the Right Spot

Being the mom who’s in charge with the housework in the house, we all experience various aches here and there. What are we gonna do with that, most probably I will go to a massage or spa to help me alleviate my body’s sore spots. But one thing we don’t know if it really helps if we resort for a massage.

When I got the chance to visit NEW YORK THERASPINE CHIROPRACTIC and MULTISPECIALTY  CLINIC, I learned through its owner MichelleNatividad, “That it is dangerous to have your bones and back be touched just by anybody. You need professionals to do that

NY THERASPINE offers only personalized and best treatments for the most common neck and back pains, to posture problems, and for stroke rehabilitation. NY THERASPINE CLINIC employs the methods of CHIROPRACTIC ,a form of alternative medical treatment that focuses on manual therapy and manipulation of the spine, joints, and soft tissues. When done correctly, Chiropractic not only treats existing conditions but can also prevent potential injuries and illnesses from happening, also preventing surgeries.

I would recommend NY THERASPINE CLINIC to my dad, who suffered from a stroke years ago because NY THERASPINE CLINIC also offers PHYSICAL THERAPY REHABILITATION, which involves the use of heat treatment, ultrasound, electric stimulation, therapeutic exercise, and therapeutic massage with the aim of restoring each patient’s maximum functional independence.

NY THERASPINE CLINIC is not just for those who need rehabilitation, it is also can help athletes or people who are into sports and active lifestyles through their SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY and CONDITIONING. This service aims to rehabilitate muscles and treat injuries of both professional and amateur athletes as soon as possible, so that they may continue playing their sport without having to take a long break for treatment.

Another one of its kind treatment that NY THERASPINE CLINIC is known for its MYOFASCIAL  RELEASE APPROACH. This can be a relief for those people who continuously experiencing headaches, pain, and restricted motion as result of the tightening of the fascia. The people who often complain of these problems are the ones who suffered from trauma- a fall, whiplash or side effects from surgery.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE techniques aids the use of movement therapy to help restore the patient’s range of motion, alleviate pain, and eventually help them return to living an active, free life.

Aside from the ones I’ve earlier mentioned, the clinic also offers Gym use, Zumba classes, Body Scrubs and even WEIGHT MANAGEMENT  AND FITNESS and CONDITIONING as well.

The doctors and therapists here always ready to assess and evaluate your physical condition. All you need is to just go to their clinic located at 73-G SCT.LAZCANO cor. SCT.TUASON, BRGY.LAHING HANDA, Q.C or call their clinic at tel.nos. 375-1035/ 921-9831.

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