Friday, May 25, 2012

My Brother's Moustache: A Folk Bar With No Frills

Last week , me and and some blogger friends decided to go to My Brother's Moustache in Scout Madrininan, Tomas Morato. Honestly I have not heard of it. And I have not attended events that much so when my friends who loves to discover new place to hang-out and eat, I guess who am I to say no.

I came earlier than usual because it is located at Scout Madrinian at Tomas Morato. Honestly when they say that the venue will be around that area, they don't need to convince me that much. I love the area because I am one ride away from home.

The things I really consider to a perfect chill night is ...

First the BAR CHOW

 These are food we got to order:
First Column (Left side)                               2nd Column (Left Side)

Crispy Tenga- Php145                                Sizzling Chicken
French Fries- Php 95                                  Sizzling Pork Sisig-Php 155
Super crispy Bagnet- Php235                      Sizzling Veggies-

There are a lot of other "pica-pica" to choose from and you'll be surprise that they are not pricey!

I am a sucker for their CRISPY TENGA which is a perfect math with vinegar.

 Next is if the interiors and ambiance inviting?

My brother's Moustache is a "go-to-place" because of their performers, you must visit to know cool our local talents are!

I'm sorry if I forgot the name of the band in left side, I was too mesmerized with how they sing.

That Friday night was jam-packed. I arrived around 6:30pm but all the tables were reserved. So with that it means My Brother's Moustache is already a hit to all the generations it has served! Now why is it just now that I got to discover My Brother's Moustache?

Just a reminder, If you and your friends are planning to visit , make sure you call them first and reserve a table, because the place gets packed before you know it.

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