Monday, May 14, 2012

NAIL STATION Part3: More Natural Looking Lash Extensions

Do you notice something different with me? If your answer is YES, then what is it? With the people I get to be with are all saying the same thing---You Got LASH EXTENSIONS? Yes, I did get my lash extensions. It was one of my little whims in life even I was just a kid, that I want my lashes long. But fact as it is I wasn't born with long lashes. But now with all the technology and beauty regimens there is, I think this little whim of mine is no longer a W-H-I-M!

And like I said in my previous post, I had my very "SATISFIED-UNTIL-NOW" nails done at my new nail hub find at NAIL STATION. So the satisfied ME as it is, tried their LASH EXTENSIONS service.

I have tried Lash Extensions before and i must say I'm fairly satisfied with it. But the difference here with my 2nd Lash Extensions is I'm a lot more satisfied with Nail Station's Lash Extensions now.

Here's my reasons for being more satisfied with Nail Station's Lash Extension service.

  • The service took less than hour. My previous lash extension took almost 2 hours and a half. And I could imagine again how tiring it is to just lay your back for two hours and barely moving. That hurts, right.
  • The staff who did it was very careful in putting the hash one by one and I know by the tone and way of asking that she indeed wants me to have the less pain possible when she tuck the lashes one by one.
  • Their Lash Extensions lasts longer. I even wondered when this extensions will get off. I can even vouch for this. They lasts long, really!
  • Here are my photos of how it was done. Sorry, I don't look nice when I take photos of myself whenever I took actual photos of the service :)

The staff effortlessly put the lashes one-by-one on my the lids of eyes. She also put an small sheet of protective covering so that my lower eyelids will be safe.

These are the lashes and I chose the size12 lashes. I wanna know how it looks on my eyes my lashes are longer.

These are the tools she used to put that long lashes on my eyes. In all fairness, it didn't take us that long. I didn't had backaches with all the lying back just like I had my previous lash extensions.

 I just took this over my iPhone just right after the service!

Nail Station's Lash Extension cost Php 900 only. And you have the option to put unlimited lashes and they sizes for lashes which you can choose from.

VERDICT: It is a must-try for those who wanted to enhance their eyes more. Plus their lashes looks more natural. And for the price of Php 900, you'll have the fab' lookin' extra long lash!

By the way, Nail Station offers a lot of services, aside from Nail services and Lash Extensions, they also have Body spa services like, Massages, Body Scrub and all! So what are you waiting? Dash to their nice and comfy place at 2nd Floor FSS 2 Bldg. Sout Tuason Street (near Roces Avenue). For telephone numbers you may call 543-0224/0928-1582 . They are open from 10 am to 12mn.

If any case you are dropping at their place, Share your experiences too!

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