Sunday, May 6, 2012

Playing Under The Sun with SUNPLAY at BOSO BOSO Highlands RESORT

Everyone in the family is so excited when the month of April came not only because my sister-in-law had arrived last April 7, 2012 but also because it also means the whole family will be going out for a whole day of bumming and swim fun.

Everyone in the family loves to swim .And we cannot pass up on everything that includes water and swimming. So after a week that sissy-in-law has already settled and jet-lag officially out of her system, one Saturday we went to BOSO-BOSO HIGHLANDS RESORT.

We haven't seen my sister-in-law for two years so this family outing meant for all of us and most especially to her. We all know how hard it is to work hard in a far country with out your loved-ones near you. They have worked hard to earn and fight the feeling of missing their loved-ones here in the Philippines. So for this day alone, I intentionally plan to skip attending blog events and just celebrate that she's here with us even for a short time.

This is my sister-n-law Jenny. She works as an ADMIN ASSISTANT at a Hospital in Jeddah.

We have so many sun exposure but hey do we look like we're hiding ? Not a bit right? Summer should be enjoyed hot or supah hot! because ....I BROUGHT SOMETHING with me that gave all of sure SUN PROTECTION.

Yes, I brought SUN PLAY with me. And I even bought all the variants so that all of us can have the freedom to choose which one we like.

SunPlay, the number one sunblock in Japan, now in the Philippines, that has the highest SPF in the market – SPF 130. Products are available at Watsons outlets or SM Department Stores.

And recently they had a contest in Facebook Fanpage entitled "Dare to Play with SunPlay! Photo Contest.” The identity of the brand is all about fun, sports, outdoor activities and travel under the sun, as opposed to just lying around on the beach.

And you may want to check out the winners here. And you will be surprised to know why it is the most sought-after SPF product:

The Sunplay Difference
o Highest SPF for maximum sun protection.
 Lets you have 130x MORE fun in the sun!
o Watery Liquid Formulation
 Japanese formula
 Non-greasy, non-sticky
 Feels as light as water.
 Absorbs quickly into skin. Does not leave heavy white residue.
o Hypo-allergenic and won’t clog pores. Great for both face and body use.

I put some on my skin and voila I'm very much ready to  bear the sun's excruciating heat.

 And yet after a whole afternoon of basking and swimming under the sun,no signs of us getting all the harmful sun's rays. I'm glad I brought SunPlay products with me.

The fun's not yet over SUNPLAY has cooked up another contest on their Facebook Fanpage . Here's the mechanics. Joining gives you a chance to win SUNPLAY products and enjoy the fun while under the sun.

Surf’s Up! Design your own SunPlay Surfboard

How to Win
1. Click LIKE to play
2. Personalize it! Choose gender, background, surfboard and upload your photo.
3. Start designing your own surfboard! Drag and drop up to 10 icons.
4. Click Post to Profile.
5. On your Facebook Timeline, share the image and complete the message:

With SunPlay’s Highest SPF, I can definitely go non-stop surfing at __________ (indicate place). Surf’s Up! (tag @SunPlay Philippines)

6. Be sure to also tag the photo with "SunPlay Philippines."

- The contest is open to all Philippine residents. Each participant can submit a maximum of three entries per week for the duration of the contest.
- Contest / Uploading of entries shall officially start on May 4, 2012 up to May 31, 2012.
- Participants can only upload their own face to complete their entry. Total design of each entry cannot contain logos, elements or products from competing sunblock brands or other icons besides those provided for in the Surf’s Up FB application. Entries not complying to the provisions herein shall be automatically disqualified.
- One entry per week shall be chosen by  SunPlay Philippines and shall be posted as SunPlay’s Surfboard of the Week on SunPlay Philippines FB Wall.
- Names of the winners will be posted every Friday (6pm) on
- Winners should respond with complete mailing information within 30 days after notification. Failure to respond will mean forfeiture of prizes.
- Prizes will be sent via courier.
- All entries will be deemed property of OneIMDS Corporation. SunPlay reserves the right to use the submitted game image and caption for its advertising or communication activities.
- SunPlay assumes no copyright liability.
- All entries may be used and published in whole and in part by OneIMDS Corporation.
- SunPlay reserves the right to reject or disqualify entries that do not comply with contest rules or shows evidence of game fraud. All decisions of the contest organizers are final and binding.

- Any contact information will not be disclosed nor sold to any third party for purposes not related to the promo.

For more information about  SUNPLAY PRODUCTS and its PROMOS click here.

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