Thursday, May 17, 2012

YakitoriQ: A Foodcart Business on the Rise

With everything that goes digital (Even karma as they say ), our lives has come in a “fast-paced” routine. We sometimes pass the usual/regular meal time because of the busy lives we’re into, but I guess there’s a solution for everything.

Just last weekend Jorge Wieneke III and Carl Quema, the brains behind First Asian Food Project Inc. launched their newest “baby” in town, the YAKITORIQ. 

YakiktoriQ is a Japanese street food usually consisting of chicken and its different parts, skewered and grilled to perfection, dipped in secret barbeque sauce.The concept behind YakitoriQ is it's the first Fried Yakitori BBQ.

To date there are 5 varieties of YakitoriQ namely: Chicken BBq, Chicken Isaw, Pork Bbq, Pork Isaw, and Pork Tenga. The good thing here is you can also order it along your favourite rice or chips.

All the YakitoriQ are priced at Php16 each; not bad for quality and safe-to-eat street food. 

Mr. Jorge Wieneke III is not your beginner type of businessman , where in fact he was the man behind the success of other businesses such as, Potato Corner, Buy The Bucket, JapOk!, My House, KBop Quick Korean, BFI (Business First Inc.), and Tokyo Tempura. He is also the founding member of the Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. He helped established this to govern and help protect both franchised businesses. He also currently shares his experience by teaching Applied Entrepreneurship in Ateneo de Manila's Center for Continuous Education.

Mr.Carl Quema, Mr.Wienekee's partner also shared to us during the launch that they will be opening 6 branches by June 2012 at Victory Mall, Greenhills, St. Francis Square, MCU, Tutuban FoodStrip and Robinson's Ermita. They are also targeting SM MALLS but they have yet to wait the mall's permission since they have to arrange how their products should be cooked since some malls do not allow cooking with smoke emissions.

I have tasted the different YakitoriQ variations and I must say that each is tasty in their own right. So  by June 2012 expect YakitoriQ to be serving you in their carts.

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