Friday, July 6, 2012

Black Canyon Coffee Philipinnes: Available On Earth

Thailand is one of the Asian countries that I want to visit, if I am given the chance to go on  an Asian tour.


Not just because Bangkok is its capital city, where pretty and beautifully exported fabrics and textile can be found and with almost 76 provinces that one can visit and a rich cultural heritage, what else is there to look forward when you visit Thailand?

Of course, as we all know Thai Cuisine is known for its 5 Blended Fundamental flavors/taste: SWEET, SPICY, BITTER, SOUR and SALTY=Thai Cuisine! And aside from incorporating those 5 taste, Thai cuisine is also known for using ingredients like Lime Juice , Garlic, Chilis, Lemon Grass, and Fish sauce.

Thai cuisine is not a  dish if you don't consider having rice in between bites of your Thai food fare.

And great thing is , there's a new and upcoming cafe/restaurant that is making waves and also being talked about by Foodies. And how does it connect with Thailand? My new coffee + Thai food discovery = BLACK CANYON COFFEE is a successful Thailand franchise with over 220 branches in Thailand alone and with various branches locations in Asia.

As Black Canyon Coffee takes pride in their very strict and quality of food, Black Canyon Coffee has open its first Philippine franchise at Black canyon SM Southmall.

Oh how I envy peeps who are living down south because they can now enjoy the yummy coffee and Dishes that That Black Canyon is known for.

As I observed, their interiors are of "woodish" presentation. Just perfect for people who want to have a cup of coffee or chill after a day's work. It is very spacious enough that there's added seating capacity right at the back of the store.

I'm not a fan of Thai Food, but Black Canyon's Green Curry changed my mind. It has the right spiciness with a bit of sour taste that is right to my palate. Black Canyon Coffee boasts of their yummy Thai dishes with the Their "award-winning" PHAD THAI.

From L-R: Top: Phad Thai -Thai Style Fried Noodles with Prawns (Php168), Fried Sesame Pork Strips (Php 146), Bottom L-R: Fried Prawns with Tamarind Sauce (Php188), and the
 famous Tom Yum Goong (Php192)
 These are just one of the so varied line of menu for Black Canyon. And don't forget to spot any staff that has Thai distinction, If you do, don't be in shock because they really are from Thailand. They are here to guide and train fellow Filipinos.

Well guess who enjoyed our BLACK CANYON COFFEE visit at SM SOUTHMALL? Yes that was my youngest son, Zeus, he accompanied mommy and this is the first time he didn't had any tantrums, and that's because he's all-smiles with his Mocha Glacier Frappe! And what surprised me is that he actually liked the Fried Sesame Pork Strips.

 What do I like between the two? Green Curry or Tom Yum? The GREEN CURRY won my heart. So the next time I'll be eating it , I'll order a cup of rice! At first, the Green Curry looks unappealing, but you got try it and say that I'm telling you the truth. Foodies and Coffee fanatics will agree with me that  Black Canyon is one of the Best Coffee/Resto owner/

I'll come back real soon and bring my whole family. Though its kind of far from where I live , I'm pretty sure that BLACK CANYON COFFEE will compensate the travel time.

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 Thin Roof and Mocha Overload
Don't be surprise if they charge and give you more excuses to comeback

Thin Roof

And aside from their yummy Thai Dishes, something to look forward to are their desserts too! Their dessert prices ranges from Php50-100 only. Imagine with a very comfy ambiance and interiors and yet their prices are within reach.

 The sofa in soft touch of green  or lime color gave the Black Canyon Coffee a relaxing mode and feel.

With over 40 specialty beverages and Thai dishes and not to mention the DESSERTS are just right for someone who loves to eat try different cuisines!

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