Friday, July 20, 2012

JOLLITOWN Season 5 is Now Back with Crytals of Values!!!

I’m a big fan of Jollibee ever since I was kid. After going to church every Sunday, we would troop to the nearest mall and eat our lunch at Jollibee.  Our Sunday lunch is never complete without tucking my mom’s skirt and beg her to buy me Jollibee toys.  Before it wasn’t called Happy Meal yet, Until in the late 90’s. Too bad my collection of Jollibee toys is now incomplete because around year 2002 we have to transfer to a new house and unconsciously never get to guard the toys when some family friends helped in the transfer.

 These are the remnants of what's left of my Jollibee collectible's when I was a kid (My bro has also his own collection)

Now that I am a mom myself, I would always share with my two boys that Jollibee was my best friend. They only knew about Jollibee when they watch the previous seasons of Jollibee in another TV network. Otherwise they only have encounters with Jollibee during birthday celebrations of a family friend’s daughter or son and etc.

And today JOLLITOWN Season 5 (July 14,2012) announced in through a special screening of its pilot episodes to its dear media and blogger friends  that its season 5 will be airing at ABS-CBN Channel2  starting July 22, 2012 (Sunday) at 9:00am.

Jollitown Season 5  will again open its magical neighbourhood through the show and will be promising new and exciting adventures with our beloved Jollitown characters like Jollibee, Yum, Popo, Hetty, and Twirlie.The rest of the gang will be in search of Crystal of Values. The show in its season 5 aims to teach young children (and even the not-so-old kiddos) the importance of Filipino values like Bravery, Love for environment and sweetness

It’s nice to know there are still shows like this because with the emergence of technology more children are now more hook on games through pc thus making them watch less. And if they watch TV, they seem to watch shows which are not really that kid-friendly so Jollibee made a good move of creating Jollitown’s Season 5.  Now more children will get hook on watching such character-building show like Jollitown. . It is more important for me that my kids watch tv shows that will teach them values because as they grow they will bring it with them. Unlike if I allow them to play too much on the computer, it is just the motor skills that develop. Watching TV shows like these, makes them miss on how they can learn by listening, and grasping what is the right thing to do on certain situations.

At the launch media guests and their kids were treated to a day of fun island-hopping and fun expeditions. The kids had fun joining the onstage games. Even the games, incorporated the Filipino values that Jollibee wants the kids to learn. Even my kids enjoyed the event, although my shy little boy decided to just eat and be on the sidelines because he was too shy to join the games. But it came as a surprise to me when the photo-ops with Jollibee and the rest of the gang came, he hurriedly join the rest of the kids; without me persuading him. It just goes out to show just how charismatic Jollibee can be to kids.
Before the fun games, they first had the special screening of the pilot episode and kids were watching intently.

The plot of the new season is like these:

The villainous Virus ELVIRA has gotten hold of the precious CRYSTALS of VALUES, putting the values of the universe in danger. Now Jollibee and friends will search and bring back them into safety before Elvira destroys them. The journey of Jollibee and friends will take us to the Philippines most beautiful provinces that embody the different values represented by the crystals.

The festive mood of the event was also complimented by the “Langhap-Sarap” favourites from Jollibee.
According to INNA Gimenez, Jollibee’s Senior Brand Manager, ” Jollitown has always been about imparting values to the kids and educating them in the most fun, exciting way. This season, we’re proud to showcase the best of the Philippines-our rich culture, colourful history, and the values that make us a cut above the rest,” 
So starting July 22, your kids can start the habit of watching JOLLITOWN SEASON 5 every 9:00am.

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