Friday, July 13, 2012

Lakwatsera Mom's Blogversary Giveaway: Win Norton 360 All-In-One Security Antivirus!!!

July is the blogversary month of my blog and now that is July itself, I wanna giveaway these 3 Norton All-in-One Security Anti-Virus to 3 lucky friends/readers of my blog.

An ANTI-VIRUS is very important to any computer or laptop user since it is the one responsible in protecting your computer or laptop. It serves as shield from possible virus that we may encounter the World Wide Web.

I won't prolong this anymore. Let's do this sweet and "EASY". Here's how you could win.

1.) Like first the FB Fanpage of  LAKWATSERA MOM and My Blissful Journey.
2.) Post on your wall this status message " Join and Win Norton 360 All-in-One Security Ver.5.0by Liking @(tag ) Lakwatsera Mom and @ (tag) My Blissful Journey  then tag 3 of your friends.

example: "Join and Win Norton 360 All-in-One Security Ver.5.0 by liking @Lakwatsera Mom and My Blissful Journey @Latrell Joseph Halabaso, @Zeus Halabaso, @Emmanuel Halabaso.

3.) Post as comment the link of your status message.

4.)Bonus : You get to earn another entry if you answer this question.


Why is Norton 360 All-in-One Security Ver.5.0 the best anti-virus that can protect your pc?

 Answer by commenting your NAME/EMAIL/Contact no. through the comment section of this blogpost.

-This Giveaway is open to Philippine residents (as long as you can meet me so I can give you the prize, or you have a representative that can meet me ). For example if the winner is from the province , you should have a representative here in the Metro Manila who can receive the prize through meet-up. Meet- up is in Q.C

Please spread the word I'll be giving more prizes after this giveaway just to show much I'm thankful to my friends and readers!

Giveaway Starts now July14- July 22, 2012  6pm. Entries after July 22,2012 of 6pm will not be accepted. Winners will be announce here on my blog Tuesday July 24, 2012 So STAY TUNED!

I am updating this post to announced the winner with the BEST Comment/Answer. Don't be sad as I will be raffling two winners of this anti-virus in the next days , so keep posted!

And the winner for the best comment is ........................... MATTHEW PUA ! To the winner , please email me your details at .


  1. leo garcia

    Norton 360 All-in-One Security Ver.5.0 the best anti-virus has SONAR 3 Behavioral Protection that monitors my PC for suspicious behavior to quickly detect new attacks and other crimeware.

  2. Merry Jane Ocol

    It is one of the oldeesat and tested anti virus

  3. Hi. :)
    Im joining!

    Name: Gessa Marie C
    FB post:
    Contact no.: 09334056806
    Ans: Since I do work online and at the same time i blog, it is indeed to have the best anti-virus for our pc. with that, Norton should one consider of using instead. Coz aside from it's security it offers, only norton guarantees all you need!

  4. joined

    Crystal Cruz
    fb post:
    contact number: 09483322848

    answer to the question:
    I find Norton very different to others. nORTON provides malware prevention and removal during a subscription period.It was a Online identity protection too that can help me a lot in my social netwroking.

  5. joined

    Ayzee Casimiro
    fb post:
    mobile: 09178280587

    answer: because Norton's quality products and their effectiveness has been proven and tested for years now.

  6. Joined!! Hope to win this, my laptop really needs this! Whoah!

    Name: Ness Mercader

    Answer: Superior, easy-to-use protection and backup for all your important stuff. Effective protection from online threats. Automatic backup protects your important stuff from loss and Includes 2 GB of online storage

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  9. JOINED! :)

    Glaiza G. Tominio

    I want this for my desktop because it's NORTON! One of the best antivirus software in the techie world :)

  10. Liked the FB Fan Pages. :)

    Denise R. Rayala

    It's the best to protect my pink ASUS K43SD because of its easy-to-use features and automatic back-up for all my important stuff! :)

  11. guys remember when I picked you as winner you must a follower of my blog to be eligible thanks

  12. *You must be a follower of my blog* to be fair to the other followers who joined, Thank you Dears!


    Verma Pua

    There's just a lot of things that Norton 360 All-in-One Security Ver.5.0 will do to my computer like keeping my computer to run at its optimal speed, surfing, shopping, socializing, and banking online safely, downloading files without worry and helping my kids to stay safe online. We've been actually using this one however our license already expired, we really hope to win!