Sunday, July 29, 2012


As promised on my previous blog about the new Rexona Confidence Project Video Contest Winners, Iya and Anya, you could also gain as much confidence as they have if you watch their on-going month-long challenge, dubbed as the Rexona Confidence Project 30-Day Challenge.

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Now if you are Iya and Any, how will you do the challenge with more confidence"?

I know you all are excited to share your confident and challenging answers so hope to see yours in the comment section below!

Remember please comment with your answers with these format : ANSWER/ Link of Shared Blogpost/Name/Email/ContactNumber

Happy Watching!!! 


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  2. If I were Iya & Anya i'll do this challenge with more confidence by doing more sales talk & by feeding the buyers an insight on how good the sugar cane juice is for our body, A warm smile on my face even if there's no buyers in front of me 'coz it will attract them to come over & i will look approachable.

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    Name: Michelle Ramos
    Mobile #: 0923 4003102

  3. if i were iya and anya i'll do this challenge with more confidence by doing a little entertainment to the buyers like a li'l dance or cheer about my product (sugar cane juice) the health benefits of my product,how its taste like,maybe i will giving them a "free taste" while doing a sales talk with a heart warming smile and approach!

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    NAME:sheila francisco

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  5. I will do this challenge with more confidence buy inviting more buyers to come over & see what i can offer for them, i will give them some advice & tips so they will know that sugar cane juice is really good for our body, I will also make some sale strategy where in if they will buy large size of sugar cane they will get 1 glass of sugar cane juice for free, with that i know i can have more customer coz some people wanted free item when they purchased, i will also make them comfortable with me so they can ask anything regarding my product.

    Name: Precious Joy Evasco
    mobile #: 0917-294-9545
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  6. li will do this challenge with more confidence buy complimenting the customers for example, "mam you look so good and lovely, why dont you try our sugar cane juice to make you more awesome" give them some free taste and afterwards approach them more by talking like a friend and treat them as a queen.. give some entertainment like a litlle dance and a song regarding my products to call the attention of the customers"

    name:kristine bondoc
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  7. They actually did a good job on this challenge, pretty hard to top their confidence. I'd just continue doing what theyre doing, keep that smile on my face, a little flirting with the customers wont hurt and i'd probably sing a jingle about what im selling, lure in the crowd. :)

    Lovely Joy Merced

  8. If I were Iya and Any, I will you do the challenge with more confidence by believing that I can do it. Selling is not a hard thing if our heart is on the job. I think it would be better if I smile to people I am with especially on the market. This breaks the barrier, and when I smile, they smile too and they will find me friendly. Thus, either they initiate the conversation or I can. Confidence is being built up over time, together with experience. Get of rid the shyness, just be happy in what you're doing and at the end of the day you're not only gaining the confidence you want but also you learned from it and experienced everything beyond your expectation.

    Aida Villanueva


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    If I were them, I will do the challenge by taking 3 steps. First, having the discipline to do the challenge and to create positive momentum that I can build on the rest of the day. I should work out! Second, knowing how and what to say or do, I am not afraid of criticism and I have still the self confidence to say what I want. Third, just be myself and believe that I can do the challenge all along! AJA!

    Filomena Villanueva

  10. i worked as a crew in a food court restaurant, and competition is very stiff.. if i were them i will encourage customers by greeting them "Hi nanay! what do u want for lunch?, we have...." ago po ang gusto nyo gully, isda..." :) meron po kaming free taste u can try it! masarap po yan, ego po ang among specialty! :)" encourage them to buy not just one but for their love ones also as pasalubong.. simpleng pag assist sa mga customer ay maganda rin, cyempre u have to be mabango habang nag aalok ng food, para dagdag points un diba :)
    Josephine Soliman-Gregorio

  11. I'd probably sing to the crowd while dancing and 2 arms raising with confidence! Likewise, these two ladies did a good job in helping out the vendors. :)

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    Maryjoy Caasi

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