Wednesday, August 22, 2012

THe City Fairview LOOKBOOK Fashion Show

Just like anybody else, though I am now a mom, I still want look fab. I usually visit may favorite malls to know what's the latest trends in fashion.

Good news to moms like me or even just the fashionistas, who lives in the east side of the metro, because SM City Fairview holds a fashion every year to help promote the mall's fashion brands.

For this year, SM City Fairview will be taking it a notch higher by staging again a major fashion show to be dubbed as “Lookbook” on August 24, 2012, 6pm at the Annex Atrium, SM City Fairview.  

I am sure your next question will be, what fashion brands will be present in the upcoming "LOOKBOOK" fashion show. 
The show will feature SM City Fairview’s mix of foreign and local brands and their newest collections such as Celine (CLN), Charlie, Elle Girl, Folded & Hung, Mags, Oxygen, Penshoppe, Plains and Prints, Regatta, Sanuk, Scoop Project, Sketchers, Tomato, Una Rosa, SM Accessories, SM Men’s Fashion – Just Delivered Jeans.
 I am sure you can have new ideas on how to mix and match the new styles of clothing from the ones that you already have.
The fashion show will highlight 4 different segments and these are  FashionablyChic, PrepForSchool, NationalPartyDay and Casual Craze.
To jazz-up each of the collection, Philippine Fashion Week Designer and stylist of the stars- Jot Losa will take part in the fashion show as he is tasked to do the styling. Awesome, right?

So what are you waiting for? The Fashion show will start at 6pm. For more updates, LIKE Sm City Fairview at their Facebook Fanpage here.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

TV SHOWS: PROTEGE'S First Elimination Night

Avid fans of Protege': The Battle for The Big Artista Break will hold its first elimination nights. After last week's battle night, in which the bottom 10 proteges' was announced, I'm sure this is the finally the week that they all been waiting for.

The bottom 10 proteges' are as follows: Mykel Ong and Arny Ross from South Luzon; Zandra Summer and Mitch Capili from Visayas; Vien Alen King and Kelly D. from Mega Manila; Apple Vega and Ruru Madrid from Mindanao; and Japs de Luna and Glenn Roy from North and Central Luzon. 

How will each of the proteges' convince the Protege' Celebrity mentors that  they deserve to stay ? Each protege will perform a talent in front of the Judges, that they will the best to help them survive in this battle. 

Meanwhile, the Top10 Proteges' who are safe will perform with Just One Summer lead stars Julie Ann San Jose and Elmo Magalona.

This is is just one of the battles that each bottom 10  proteges' will have to endure every elimination night. So who do you think is your top5  proteges' who will bid the Protege' stage goodbye? 

Let's all find out tonight 8:30 PM on the third gala night of Protégé: The Battle for the Big Artista Break after iBilib on GMA.

Prepare to LIVE LIFE at Party Pilipinas this Sunday August 20,2012

Filipinos have been through a lot of tragedy-related ordeals in the past week that’s why this Sunday (August 19), the country’s number one concert party will uplift the heavy spirit and put a smile on everyone’s faces with PARTY PILIPINAS: LIVE LIFE!

Step up to a lively and all-original groove as the Sayaw Pilipinas crew showcase the moves inspired by Street Dancers.

Heat up your cold afternoon with the feisty and alluring moves of the Sexy Hataw Girls headlined by Carla Abellana and Ellen Adarna.

The newly christened Princess of Horror Films, Lovi Poe, exudes her provocative side in a song and dance number with her silver screen leading man Benj Alves.

Succumb to the insatiable charisma of Alden Richards, Derrick Monasterio, Jake Vargas, Kristoffer Martin and Elmo Magalona as the certified crush ng bayans sing their way to your hearts! Also, Derrick has a special surprise that his fans should watch out for.

Witness the sequel to Julielmo’s mini series, Yellow Note, as they will relinquish their young love in a romantic duet.

On Love Party Pilipinas, we will cater to your song requests with our fresh serving of OPM music featuring Tween Star Rita de Guzman.

After laying low in the recording scene, Jennylyn Mercado bounces back with a new album that is sure to conquer the airwaves. Listen to a sample of her upcoming hit as she performs it on stage.

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid unleashes her birit prowess once more in a number featuring the singing contest champions Jonalyn Viray and Maricris Garcia, introducing internet sensation Zendee Rose.

Finally, tune in to the songs that inspire resilience in the face of adversity delivered by the seasoned performers of Party Pilipinas on our newest segment, Kaya Ko ‘To.

Catch Party Pilipinas: LIVE LIFE! this Sunday, August 19, 12NN on GMA.

NEWS FLASH: Plane Boarded by Sec. Jesse Robredo Crashed in Masabate Shores

While I was watching Tv tonight a news alert was shown on TV. According to reports, DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo boarded a Cessna plane from Mactan going to Naga. The plane's engine had some trouble. The pilot still managed to send a message and was advised to divert to Masbate Airport. But 1 or 2 kms before they can land safely, the plane crashed in the shores of Masbate.

  DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo 
Photo credits to

Apparently DILG Sec. Robredo's escort, Capt. Jun Abrazado survived the crash. There were also unconfirmed reports that Sec. Robredo was already rescued by a fisherman in a radio report.

Right now the, ongoing novena is happening at the Robredo house at Nag and rescue operations are now underway.

I was shocked at the news as he is one of the few government officials that I give my respect to. I hope we could all join his family in offering prayers for his safety and the two pilots reported to be missing as well.

More news about DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo plane crash at .

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

HEALTHCheQ: When Health Needs No Compromise

With a busy mom like me with tons of things in mind at all times, things such health matters had been unknowingly been taken aback. I always prioritize my family’s health before mine. But with all the diseases and illnesses coming up, it has made me think twice.

I am a mom in my early thirties and have two boys in grade school. It made me think that I also have to think about my health condition and lifestyle so that I may live long enough to see my boys grow up.
With Healthway Medical newest offering to its ever expanding number of satisfies clients, I may now lessen my worries when it comes to my health.

As it approaches it’s 15th year in the business and being the most preferred mall-based clinic making health care accessible, easy and convenient to all regardless of social demographic, from A-D, launched a more holistic approach to healthcare by offering its latest and premium brand of  executive check-up package called HealthCheQ.
 Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay, where the HealthcheQ was launched; was also one of the partner Hotels/Spas for HealthcheQ Clients.

To whom does it cater?

It is designed for those people who put premium on time and health. HEALTHCheQ offers complete diagnostics which also includes laboratory tests, imaging studies, specialized examinations, as well as comprehensive evaluation.

Every year we were advised to have our Executive Check-up, most especially for those people who are working in the corporate world. But some people, sad to say, often disregard their very own health not knowing the risks they are up to in the future.

What’s nice about HEALTHCheQ is that all the laboratories or exams one has to undergo will be done within half a day in any of Healthway’s facilities. No more worrying that you will have to wait for days just to know the results. With TIME as being precious to every client, I’m sure every client will be happy to know that availing of HEALTHCheQ will just take him half of his day for all the laboratories.  With the use of the most advanced technologies in healthcare, the exclusive package guarantees results turnover within 24 hours upon completion of tests plus a Specialist Consult for evaluation.


Complete Blood Count                                                                  HBA1C
Fasting Blood Sugar                                                                     Blood Urea Nitrogen
Urinalysis                                                                                        Thyroid Function- FT3, FT4, TSH
Fecalysis                                                                                        Prostate Specific Antigen (male)
Lipid Profile (Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDl, LDL, VLDL).     SGPT
Blood Uric Acid                                                                             SGOT
HBsAg Screning

Chest X-Ray (PA)
Male Whole Abdomen Ultrasound (Liver,Pancreas, Spleen, Gall Bladder, Kidneys, Urinary Bladder and Prostate)
Female Whole Abdomen

HEALTHCheQ is not just about health, it also covers the patient’s well-being. After all the exams administered, the client is entitled to an “Overnight” pampering experience from Healthway Medical’s partner hotels, resorts and spa.

Who are Healthway Medical’s Partner Hotel/Spas?

  • Manila Hotel
  • Midas Hotel & Casino
  • Acacia Hotel
  • Bellevue Hotel
  • B Hotel

  • Club Balai Isabel Talisay Batangas
  • Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay 

HEALTHCheq clients will also receive “transferrable” perks or gifts of wellness which they can share with their loved-ones:

1 Dental procedure (consists of Oral Prophylaxis and (1) Rejuvenating Session of Intense Diamond Peel facial resurfacing treatment.

More perks are added because aside from the wellness gifts the HEALTHCheQ package includes one Wellness Visa that entitles the bearer to a free consultation with one of Healthway’s Primary care Physician and a Php200 gift certificate for AB Pharma products for the client’s initial medication needs. 

This perks are Healthway Medical’s way of ensuring that each client is ensured of over-all well-being.
Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve heard of this kind of perks for someone who will get an Executive Check-Up. I will not be surprise if a lot of clients will avail of HEALTHCheQ. In time, I will ask hubby to avail of HEALTHCheQ, so that I will be included in the perks too! Awesome right?!? 

 L-R: Ness Mercader (Blogger), Myrns Roman (Blogger), Ms. Faye Marcelino (PRC Inc.) and Me !

HEALTHCheQ is reasonably priced at Php15,000 with complete set of tests and consultation plus numerous of perks.  For more info, you may visit Healthway Medical branches near you at Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall, Greenbelt 5, Market! Market!, Shangri-La Mall Edsa, Robinson’s Place Manila and SM North The Block. They also have their Customer Care Hotline # 751-4929 or visit their website at and like their page at .

There is one clear message here that Healthway Medical wants to convey, that our Health should always be prioritized, just like what Healthway Medical VP For Sales and Marketing Carmi De leon,” HEALTHCheQ allows you to take charge of your Health, as a CEO would to his/her company. Be the CEO of your Health with HEALTCheQ.

If ever I'll get my own HealthCheQ, I'll choose Nurture Spa Village Spa Tagaytay as my chosen destination after I finish all the administered tests needed with my Executive check-up. Why because for me Nurture Spa Village is a a very relaxing place wherein I can forget my worries for the meantime and leave it all in the metro. Another thing is, they have numerous relaxing amenities that I can choose from. They even have Centennial huts,pool and a greener ambiance + fresh air! Just perfect for someone who wants to be rejuvenated!

Here are some of the photos but if you want to see more of Nurture Spa Village, you may also check out my fanpage here!

 Huts where one can read a good book and just smell the fresh air while on the right is swing bed where one can just lounge all day!

Monday, August 13, 2012

KATY PERRY: Part of Me in 3D Soon

I know somehow you have sung one of her top-charting songs (  ). And these these time if you would love to know more about these monumental girl who was the first ever music artist (female) to have 5 no.1 songs in one album, then this movie is for you.

Dubbed as the " KATY PERRY: Part of Me"" in 3D.  The genesis of the project lies with the artist herself:  “I could instinctively feel that something important was about to happen that year—it felt like this big wave was coming, and it felt like it was going to be a long one.  So, I reached out to two filmmakers and said, ‘Hi, guys, I’d like to you come on the road and document the ride.’”
That ride was a yearlong world tour – selling out 124 arena shows – across the United States, Europe, South America and the Far East, and cameras were able to not only capture the palpable excitement and fun of her live concerts, but also to follow Perry back to the ‘reality’ of her day-to-day life, away from the stage lights and candy-colored costumes.  Frank interviews with those who perhaps know the real Katy best—her family and her assembled family of “Team Perry”—offer glimpses into Perry’s background, as well as create a picture of a woman giving her all onstage…while pressing personal challenges await offstage.   

Per Katy:   This movie is a journey.  Last year, I had a year I’ll never be able to re-create…amazing highs and some big lows, but that’s life.  Everyone goes through the good and the bad, but it makes you stronger.  But no matter what, as with my live concerts, my ultimate goal with this movie is to make people smile.”

FINE Hyaluron & Collagen Now Available in Watson's Outlets !!!

Japan’s best-held longevity and beauty secret, FINE Hyaluron & Collagen dubbed as an EDIBLE COSMETIC, is already available in 270 Watson’s outlets here in the Philippines. Made by Osaka-based FINE Co. of Japan, a  four-decade company and a leading player in the global “nutraceutical industry,”  distributed here in the Philippines by its subsidiary, Fine Nutrition Trading International

According to Imelda Manook-Tesalona, a businesswoman and licensed pharmacist and President of Fine Nutrition Trading International, the local subsidiary of Osaka-based FINE Company, Japan’s leading player in the global nutraceutical industry, said that this breakthrough development also means that more and more Filipinos will gain access to help them combat aging and other signs of physical weaknesses.
Tesalona, a licensed pharmacist fully abreast with handling businesses and other important information about breakthroughs in the wellness and longevity sector, readily saw the potential of FINE Hyaluron & Collagen and other organically produced products of FINE Company of Japan, which made her decide to bring the product to the Philippines. Being a leader and well respected company in Japan, there is no doubt in her mind that the product she brought is credible and should be trusted.

Tesalona enthuses that every FINE Hyaluron & Collagen user has his or her own testimonial to share, some of them doctors of nearby hospitals. What they said were all about concrete proof of the product’s benefits like growing sturdier nails and more radiant hair, to freedom from arthritic pains to firmer breasts to lessening of wrinkles.

Tesalona also bared she owes her success to her mentor, the Director of FINE Group Ltd. in Hong Kong, Takeshi Hayashi, the Japanese tycoon who gave her his trust and opened the doors for her to become the exclusive distributor in the Philippines.

Under her able stewardship, her company has gone a long way from a mere affiliate to a full-fledged subsidiary. The parent company expressed satisfaction about FINE Hyaluron & Collagen’s status in the country as more people get to know the product’s outstanding attributes particularly on Collagen’s anti-ageing and aesthetic solutions and more recently, the breakthrough heralded by Hyaluronic acid.


There is really nothing in the market like FINE Hyaluron & Collagen, which Tesalona says is several notches up when it comes to potency and effectiveness. Together with Hyaluron (60mg), Collagen (5,250mg) and Elastin (15mg) as its main ingredients give a synergistic  toward healthier  and more beautiful skin, plus, Vitamin C (100mg), Biotin (45mcg) and Pearl Coix extract (450mg) for more radiant and glowing skin. A lifting supplement, simple once a day empty content of 7g sachet of FINE Hyaluron & Collagen, mix with your favorite hot or cold beverages like coffee, tea, milk, juice, even soup and ENJOY! 

Tesalona cannot hide her bullishness about FINE Hyaluron & Collagen’s future in the Philippines. FINE Hyaluron & Collagen has been present in some of the world’s more advanced countries and cities, including the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and more.

“I don’t think the people of these countries could be wrong in using the product. Now that it is already available in the entire country, there’s now no need for people to go to these countries to buy this top-notch solution to aging signs and physical weakness.” explains Tesalona.

No wonder FINE and Tesalona has its hopes up in the Philippine market.

For more information on FINE Hyaluron & Collagen and all other products by Fine Company Limited, Osaka, Japan may be found on the website and Fine Nutrition Trading International is located at Unit 224 Garden Heights Condominium, E. Rodriguez Sr., Quezon City at contact details mobile no. 09175218698 or at telephone nos. 470392/5423842