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Chuck's Deli: Home of SLABWICHES and More!

I thank God for Eastwood Malls because they are one of those malls me and my family go to when we want something new. And indeed it never fails me with that thought because one of their tenants, CHUCK’s DELI has more to offer than its “red and white” interiors.

Aside from being “rice” lovers , our family loves to eat sandwiches too. As a matter of fact, we can finish a whole loaf with any filling in it.

If you are going to take a peek from just the outside of it, you would say that, “Ah it only serve sandwiches”. But you got to pay it a visit and try their yummy sandwiches to say they are just more than a  “sandwich store”.

A visit last night, proved me wrong. CHUCK’S DELI offers  more than their famous sandwiches!  Chuck’s Deli is owned by Marco Alcantara and Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara. The birth of Chuck’s Deli began with Marco, who grow up in the States, was craving for sandwiches. So with that , Chuck’s Deli opened its first branch at Serendra The Fort last Novemver 20110 and later on at Chuck’s Deli Eastwood Mall last May 2011.

To prove to you how much Chuck’s Deli’s is way far different from their contemporaries, they are known for their “SLABWICHES” (short for slab of sandwiches).  As a matter of fact they have 14 varieties of Slabwiches, 6 Subwiches, 5 Ground & Pounders, 2 Panini, 4 Oh My Greens , Soothing Soups , Chasers and Quenchers and more!

Of course I wouldn’t be saying these much about Chuck’s Deli if I haven’t tried their SLABWICHES. We tried one of their bestsellers, the HAMSOME THREESOME!

 Half 255 whole 495

The HAMSOME THREESOME is  a sumptuous combination of York Ham, Mortadella Ham, and Smoked cooked ham  with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and chuck’s sauce.

Honestly, when I saw it served at our table, I was totally clueless as to how a person could eat this by himself? I was mentally calculating how many people can share this. Well actually, if me and my 2 kids will order this, it's just enough. But I don't know with my eldest. Lj, my eldest son has a huge appetite for an 8 yr.old kid. Maybe after having his first bite of Chuck's Deli 's Slabwich, I know he'll always tag me to eat at Chuck's Deli.

 My experience eating the Hamsome Threesome is awesome! I’d like to say that I am satisfied with how big it is. One whole serving can be shared with 2 people more but I think if you became a fan of it , you’ll find 1 more partner to help you finish it or WORST- you'll hate to have it shared with someone else (GREEDY!)

If you like to try other varieties of it, try the other slabwiches I listed for your reference:
  • The Vegetarian half 175/255
  • The Faking Duck half 195/345
  • French Kiss half 220/440
  • Jessica’s Meltdown half 225/445
  • California Waki half 255/495
  • Adobo Dobol half 255/495
  • Hey Sexy half 255/495
  • The Buffy half 295/590
  • The Pilgrim Half 295/590
  • The Chuckatsu half 345/690
  • Reuben half 355/695
  • RoastBeef half 355/695

Their SLABWICHES are also healthy because they bake their own breads and this is the owner's way of telling the people how passionate they are when it comes to food. They wanna make sure that every penny that their loyal customers spends is worth every cent.

 Aside from the big and yummy serving of slabwiches, Chuck's Deli is happy to announce that they are now officially serving FLAT BREAD PIZZAS.

FLAT BREAD PIZZAS are my sure-fire substitute for those pizzas with huge amounts of dough. Flat Bread Pizzas are made of home-made bread, flattened then topped with homemade cream sauce.

I don't wanna do these to you guys but drool with the photos, it's free :)

 From Top-Bottom: 
SAUSAGE (Php265)  Flavors

From Top-To-Bottom:
Flat Bread Pizza topped with generous servings of fresh button mushrooms, onions, Swiss cheese, arugula and cream cheese. 
The green leaves that you see on top are Arugula. It blended well with the other toppings 
that I didn't notice its taste
PARMA HAM (Php285)
Flat Bread Pizza topped with Parma ham bits,onions, cream cheese
 Parma ham is is a dry-cured ham that is usually thinly sliced and served uncooked; this style is called prosciutto crudo in Italian

But before plunging into these awesome food,I would suggest that you also try their Potato Chips. Its homemade and my personal favorite for an appetizer!

 I love potatoes, that's why when they offered their Potato Chips as appetizer, I know they couldn't help but noticed that I had the bowl of Potato chips right in front of me. They have Spicy Garlic Sauce and Garlic Sauce to go with Potato Chips.

Wondering if what drinks will go well their Slabwiches and Flatbread Pizzas? I suggest that you try their Power Shake. Power Shake is a combination of Lettuce, Apple and Orange. It's so refreshing that you will sip it from the start and wondering why you emptied it fast. For the sweet-toothed friends, you may try their Oreo MilkShake. What makes it different from the other Milkshakes? It's not the Oreo my friends! It the brand of ice cream that they use. The owner Katrina Kuhn Alcantara is from the Arce clan which brought Arce Dairy in the ice cream business. Arce Dairy Ice Cream is known for its creaminess, making it great for milkshakes.

I think I need to end this though... I'm craving for another SLABWICH fix! I'm off to eastwood after this post to have my slabwich fix at Chuck's Deli Eastwood.

Chuck's Deli Eastwood 
G/F Eastwood Mall, libis, Q.C
Tel#:  900-0503
Facebook Page:

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