Friday, August 10, 2012

Rexona Confidence Giveaway Post #5: Video#10

Here's my last Giveway post from Rexona Confidence Project, wherein I will raffle off two winners who will win 1k worth each of Rexona Confidence Project products.

For those who haven't read my previous posts, here's your last chance to join. Mechanics is easy , just watch the featured video of Iya and Anya's 30 Day Rexona Confidence Project and answer the question that I will post below.


How will you do the challenge more challenging and with more confidence?

Comment your answers below with this format : ANSWER/Name/Email/Contact Nos and that's it!

Easy right ! So tell your friends to join my Rexona Confidence Project Giveaway Post1-5 and gain more chance of winning!

Can't wait to see your answers!


  1. I would try to read my lines before i actually face the judges then i'd throw my lines without looking at the script for that extra confident look. A little more dance steps on the dancing part is what i would add to it. :)

    Lovely Joy Merced

  2. I would do the challenge in a fun way so that I can relax more and lose the tension in my nerves. I will try to practice my script with my best buddy so that we can throw lines with each other then I will try to add some daring dance moves in front of the mirror so that I will know what I look like in front of the judges while doing the audition.It will boost my confidence more if I know that deep in my heart I give my best.

    Divine Grace Bongolan

  3. I will do the challenge with more confidence, that is by showing the judges/them that I really knew what I am doing that everything I am showing off is coming from the heart and with true passion. Therefore the end result will be one with a more positive attitude, style and yeah! confidence.

    Gigi Beleno

  4. i would try to practice my intonation on delivering lines more and paulit ulit, for me to get what's needed in the script. :) do the best i can and face the judges with smile! that's confidence. :)

    Josephine Soliman-Gregorio

  5. Practice makes perfect. I will do my best and have fun with it. I will recite my lines in front of a mirror, the moves of my hands and the way I speak so that when the big day comes I'm not scared anymore and I have the confidence to show what I've got!

    Aida Villanueva

  6. Feeling fresh could help me is feeling confident. I will take a look of myself closely that how I am looking. I need to be satisfied with my looks. Satisfaction gives me more confidence to be among people. Learned how to speak in front of many people and believe that you can do it! Smile and focus! :)

    Filmena Villanueva

  7. Feeling confident in best thing to achieve. For me, just to make it challenging, just be yourself, stay focus on reading, feel everything that you are the only person in that place, more passionate and memorize the line correctly

    Mei Santiago

  8. practice makes perfect so before my turn to face them i will practice in front of the mirror to see if i can give the right facial expression needed and of course i will memorize my line so i wouldn't buckle when doing my part, if i know my line and i have idea on what to do it the audience will think that i am really a confident artist.

    April Jane Evasco

  9. I will practice in front of a mirror or video tape my performance during rehearsals so I could perfect my craft.

    Cha Sy

  10. I'd probably give the judges my best moves with tumbling and cartwheel routines if asked to perform a dance number. Haha!

    Maryjoy Caasi

  11. Put some twist on the challenge to make it more challenging and do the best move! Confidence is preparation, everything else is beyond your control.

    Vannessa Linson

  12. I will just be myself and give my best.

    Josephine Bahala