Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rexona Confidence Project: 3rd Giveaway Post Video# 25

This my third post about Rexona Confidence Project Video Contests winners Iya and Anya.

Let's make this short and sweet! Here's the video you have to watch top answer the question below.

Just don't forget to include your Name/email add/Contact nos after each answer!


How will you do the challenge more challenging and with lots of confidence?


  1. TO make it more challenging i'd do it for one whole evening or for atleast a couple hours and i'm gonna make it seem like i've been DJ'ing for a long time eventhough i just learned the ropes. Confidence!

    Lovely Joy Merced

  2. For this challenge i'll just enjoy the night I know being a DJ is not that easy it needs a lot of practice to get the right tune or beat, but I wont let the crowd see that im nervous or i wont let them see traces on my face that i dont know what im doin,if ever i dont like the beat that i have done i can still make it un noticeable by doing ad-lib or by saying a little spill or a joke so they wont notice that im out of beat, also while pretending that im a pro Dj i will dance a little to make my acting more truthful.

    Name: Michelle Ramos
    eadd: chechesomar@gmail.com
    Mobile#: 09234003102

  3. being a dj is tricky you really need to have a good timing skills u need to have the guts to experiments on each scratch you will be doing and needs a lots of focus to catch up on what's happening on the stage to give the better songs if it requires, if i am on this challenge I will just enjoy each scratch on the disk i'll make I ask the dj for some tips and if ever he corrected me for my mistakes i will just accept it since he really knows what he's doin and i'll learn from it so on my second try i know i can do that if not perfectly at least better than on my first try, experience is the best teacher and enjoying everything that you do is the key to happiness.. so i'll just enjoy and show to them that i'm happy and confidence is what they can see..

    April Jane Evasco
    0910 3198763

  4. If im Iya & Anya I will just enjoy being a Dj, i'll just go with the flow and play songs that the crowd requested, I havent tried being a dj but I think this challenge is cool so i might as well savor the night while pretending am also a dj, about doing some beat i will watch first the dj on how he do it and listen carefully on the pointers that he will give me so when my turn comes i have a little idea on what to do, listening and by enjoying this challenge will be a big help for me to how that i'm confident being a dj for the night.

    Maria Mylynne Ramos

  5. i would probably enjoy it at the same time i will try to experiment other DJ mixing tunes.. for me it's a once in a lifetime experience and i will live it to the fullest! :) wonderful experience with high energy, that's confidence! :)

    Josephine Soliman-Gregorio

  6. To make the challenge more challenging, for me just enjoy that DJ experience. Be cool and have fun! Thats it :)

    Vannessa Linson